top 15 hotties of 2010

honorable mention: John Krasinski- being that The Office is my favorite show, and I adore Jim and Pam, I had to give this guy a shout out =]

15. Shia LaBeouf - I would have never predicted that I would find this guy attractive from his Even Steven days, but he has turned into a real cutie!

14. Brian Austin Green- I thought he cute on Bev Hills, and hes even cuter as a grown man on Desperate Housewives...that show really knows how to pick em!

13. Wiz Khalifa- I wont say I'm a die hard fan but I have been following this cat for a minute now, seen him in concert and I must say...he is a cutie.....a lil skinny, but cute nonetheless.
12. Kid Cudi- another skinny boy, but im in love with his voice.

11. Drake- Oh Heartbreak Drake...hes a freakin adorable. I know many of his fans probably didn't watch Degrassi, but I grew up with this guy!

10. Bradley Cooper - he was undeniably the hottest guy in the Hangover...and his Joe Cool persona is oh so appealing.

9. Denzel Washington- I dont care what anyone says, Denzel can still get it any day!

8. Trey Songz- I have been in love with this guy since he just had to make it. I love the sound of his smooth r&b, voice and he's got a cute lil smile. ;]..oh and hes quite sexy as well

7. Will Smith- another guy that, like good wine, gets better with time. He is gorgeous (ears and all)!

6. Chiwetel Ejiofor- I had to have at least one Nigerian on the list, and I think he's a pretty great looking one as well ;] (specially with that facial hair)

5. Jake Gyllenhaal- After seeing him in Love or Other Drugs, I have the biggest crush on him! He is adorable! (and sexy at the same time )

4. The Gossip Girl boys (Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, and Penn Badgley) - these three provide the perfect combo of bad, good, and gorgeous!

3. Jesse Williams- one of the newest interns on Grey's Anatomy makes the show that much more worthwhile to watch! 

2. Mechad Brooks- underwear model, former Desperate Housewives bad boy, Melanie's ex from 'The Game', need I say more?

1. Idris Elba- he is just one piece of delicious dark chocolate, I'm in love with his voice, did I mention he is British? He is just sexy all around 

Ladies, who did I miss?!

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