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Who is Shad Moss??

Bow Wow aka Shad Moss has a BLOG

Looks like it may be interesting, I mean its always interesting to see what a celeb truly thinks...and i dont care what no one says, Bow Wow is still a cutie haha ;]

Bow Wow


Mission Accomplished

YESS! Melody Ehsani posted my pics on her website!




Black is where its at =]

My new fave read is a web magazine for Black Women called Clutch.


This magazine seems to be a sophisticated, well put together magazine which has eye-catching, interesting articles geared toward the young black women of today. Basically its pretty cool! =]

Notable Articles from the most current issue include:

-The "It" Girl => this article is about how black women seem to be "in" for once. It goes on to discuss the lack of positive images of black women in the media and the perceived "shortage" of eligible black men.

"While Lucas very eloquently iterates her frustrations with the white constructed “Black Man Shortage” narrative, I don’t see what we have to gain from hiding from this reality....Many black women and men ask why we are still talking about this. To them I answer, because it continues to be a dire circumstance with no trace of getting any better."

"....black folks have to hold themselves to a higher standard. We don’t have time for games."

"We need more black men teaching black young men the importance in loving black women."

"After all, Americans have a short attention span, being the “it” girl won’t last forever."

- Did You Really Just Say That? Listen to Yourself! <== this one discusses the stereotypes about Africans like

-"Everybody Speaks African"
- "Everyone Lives in a Jungle
-"Africa is All about Poverty"

among many others

Anyways, the magazine is pretty cooool...read and discusssss =]]


I kno I probably talk about the show 'A Different World' entirely too much but im excited because......A Different World is starting to air on TV One tonight! Now even though I have just about alll the episodes on DVD, it will b nice to turn on my Tivo and press play to get a daily dose of Dwayne Wayne, Whitley Gilbert, and Ron Johnson. =]


Think Twitter is stupid?

Think maybe its time to delete that Facebook of yours? Welp, it looks like the Suicidemachine may be right for you! lol You can delete, your twitter, facebook, myspace, and any other social networking service..ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Personally, i think everyone should at least be on one social network, at least to network and keep contacts. But hey, that may be just me. Anyways, I just found it kinda funny that someone though to make this. The website is actually pretty legit.


my quest

to get melody ehsani to post my pics on her blog!
Recently Melody Ehsani asked ppl to post pic of ppl wearing her stuff! lets see if i get posted =]





tremaine goes hard

and he "yup yup yup in yo broad"


Hard rmx by trey songz....thumbs up!

Create a playlist at MixPod.com

more treyy..on the wendy williams show

peep wendy sayin "ahh" tho lmao

and his interview

ohh trey...your such a cutie ♥

cant wait to see you on tour!! =]


I admit, I only became a Billionaire Boys Club fan because my friend, who was obsessed with Pharell, loved it...cuz Pharell wore/loved/designed it. I had my pair of ice creams back in the day! Haha ..couldnt afford that BBC jacket tho =/ lol ANYWAYS, BBC and Ice CREAM actually have a new line out...its kinddaaa fresh...still got the same themes goin.

they have a blog too! ===> http://bbcicecream.com/blog/


caught me by surprise

Omarion's new single is actually pretty good...i mean, I can actually get into the song on first listen....who knew Omarion would be oh so sucesssfull...with his lil short self haha

His new CD, Ollusion just dropped this week...i may even consider coppin that. =O

who remembers...


man that show used to be my SH*T! It was so hilarious...i think I missin some Boondocks in my life. It never failed to provide me with a heavy laughing session...accompanied with tears and a lasting smile!

Dear Aaron McGruder,

Please create another season...thanks!

STreeT_dIVa ™

...at least he is still making the strip...comic strip lol




annnnnnnddd if you dont know nothin bout the Boondocks, you betta ask somebody! HAHA here are some video clips...I personally love Riley the most haha

soldier of love

Sade, a beautiful representation of Nigeria, is back!

With a new video, Soldier of Love. Im actually feelin the song and the video...she is still gettin it!


oooo la la, fashionable men can be sooo attractive

fellas please note, there is a right and a wrong way to go about fashion =]

girl tonight



Please Help the people in Haiti! They are making it really easy for everyone to contribute money and help out. just text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 to the relief fund.

And I would also like to point out that I would rather use this relief program than the American Red Cross because I hear that they only help American citizens and the citizens of Haiti really need this money more than ever! So reach down deep in your heart and give a little. Its easy and you will feel good after doing it!


i got it for cheap!

new blog coming soon......


oh man

I wish I was at least 15 instead of 5 when A Different World aired...Dwayne Wayne is just too cute!


fash-ion for the day =]


...but the fashion is lovely. =]







oh how i luv black lace =] ;)

black book

So this guy is making a fortune off printing tight ass pictures on H&M shirts, so H&M decides to make a contest out of it. more info can be found here => http://www.hm.com/dk/blackbook#/blackbook/

and the guys t-shirts can be found here =>BLACKBOOK

too bad the shirts cost almost 60 bucks a pop =O