trey does complex

They had a great photography spread of the one and only Trey Songz, I dnt know why, but for me, the photos really make the magazine..lol i think ive only actually read the content of the mag once or twice..i wonder if its any good...lol maybe next time im on an airplane ill pick up Complex instead of Seventeen ..too bad i only seen complex sold at the ecko store =/ lol well here are the pics!

happy birthday M.E.

Yday it was one of my favorite designer's bday...Melody Ehsani!!
She made some bomb shoes for herself shown to the right. Keri Hilson was there, along with other V.I.P. 's and hey that guy Quddus was there...lol remember him?

girl i'd trade it all

Throwback joint...Fabolous Ft. P.Diddy & Jagged Edge - Trade It All (Part 2)

This used to be my song!! everyone had seen Barber Shop and all the girls were in luvvv with Micheal Ealy haha

"But girl, they can make a perfume from the scent of you.."- F-A-B haha =]



lol so is this the new ho hustle? I hear "KAT STACKS" is the new Superhead...all i gotta say is her voice is helllla annoying and she sounds f*ckin illiterate lmao smhhh ..and shes not cute! i still dont get why she thinks she's doin sumthin bout braggin bout all the niggas she slept with smh..i guess if ure curious you can read her blog HERE.
or watch this vid...guys she messed with include...allll of young money, bow wow, and aaron carter lol

my chick do stuff that ya chick wish she could

I love the original, makes me wanna be sumones chick so i can swing my 18inches to the song..not that i wouldnt do it anyways lol and the remix is coo too, although i kinda started laughing when they were talkin bout how bad they were lmao...and theres a video? haha enjoy =]

Ludacris - My Chick Bad Remix ft. Diamond, Trina, Eve

diddy beats?

So, can someone tell me what is gonna be so great about "DiddyBeats"... i mean correct me if im wrong but arent they just headphones...i mean I know there are expensive head phones out there, but dang $149 just because Diddys name is on em? I guess thats what advertising is for...to get people to believe that they need something that they absolutely dont need..the website reads "Diddybeats embody the celebration of the finest in music, luxury and pop music. In other words, these incredible sounding in-ear headphones represent all things Diddy. LMAO so im gonna be representing all things Diddy if I wear em...lol no thanks i honestly dont think they are gonna b worth it...i guess i'll find out if they live up to the hype when they come out..=//


literally an inspiration

This girl is a literally one of my fashion inspiration...check out her blog HERE.lol she inspires to be a bad b*tch every day this quarterPhotobucket

....I have oh so many clothes that I never get to wear, ima try getting dressed more often..after all it is springtime..sun is gon b out.."love is in the aiir" [so they say],haha

New quarter...kinda like new beginnings, maybe not a beginning so to speak, but its a new period of time and i'm excited =]


sPringg insPiRATion


I got some issues that nobody can see

Soundtrack to my life- Kid Cudi ..video just came out...his CD literally got me through my trip in NAIJA...i love that place, but times get hard sometimes haha lol
video is cool...kid cudi is a QT =]

freaks come out at nighttt


the freaks come out at night ... ;]

" can i get a window seat, dnt want nobody next to me"

I've been hearing a lot of hype of Erykah Badu's window seat video.. and i finally watched it today...SHEESH...i can see why there's so much hype around it...first of all the video concept is cool...the message hits u hard, the actual song itself is bomb too and no homo but sheesh, erykah has super duper cakes... lol the fellas know i am not lying haha but yea..the video is coo, I'll admit I like Erkyah but I'm not a "true fan", but im definitely looking forward to her new CD!

Here is the video...enjoy

BP3 Tour=poppin!

SO the concert was wonderful!

Im partial to Trey Songz and Jay-z, but Jeezy was coo too. Props to my sis Teni for getting me the tickets!!! =D

Here are some videos from the concert



good times ...good times =] i wish i had taken more pics tho =/



It was my twins 21st birthday today!!! She is the big 2-1....been rollin wit her since
'07....ride or die =]



shop till u drop

just had a much needed shopping day today! in case you were wondering, my favorite stores are H&MPhotobucket, Urban Outfitters Photobucket, and yes, the infamous Forever 21Photobucket Photobucketeven tho everyone, males and females, spend their money there.
I only hit two of the three today but i bought like 7 things for under $50 haha anybody who thinks they are a bargain shopper come see me! haha

asos goes african

ASOS.com....known for its fashion finds at fabulous prices is putting out a new brand called ASOS Africa...with inspiration from East African clothing. I actually like the pieces ive seen, they are cute..Iva always wanted to just created clothes with African fabric...they would be sooooo cute!




sucks to be a black woman


sheesh, I just read an article on Cluth Magazine about how much it sucks to be a black woman nowadays.

"Between the effects of “Precious” and “Good Hair” alone, half of America must think most black women need to be locked up in padded cells, or at least taken in for psychiatric evaluation."

"Black women have been complaining about a lack of mates since we first saw this continent, but now that producers of nightly news shows have discovered our suffering they need to help. On one show, producers scoured the nation to find a location with the most attractive black women they could find with the sorriest love stories they could tell — Atlanta. Then to help them out, they put them in a room and asked Steve Harvey to give them advice. That’s thoughtful, but who puts a bunch of desperate women who want a hot man in a room with Steve Harvey?"

"Many are so invested in the charming image of the black woman as a down-trodden soul that our social issues have been projected at a huge scale in the news to ironically keep us small."

"When we come out on top, possibly smiling down on the jokers, I wonder — will their misrepresentations still be so amusing?"

those were just some interesting quotes from the article. IDK ive never really thought about how much it sucks for me, but I've always known that black women were at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to the socio-economic ladder of America. But, i think the author of the article is right, we will persevere and we will come out on top...i know i will! =]

you can read the whole article HERE

all i need is

music <3

who remembers this

Ren and Ten ..the Hip hop dalmations from Brown Sugar haha that movie is one of my faves =]

trey trey trey

lookin good on the cover of vibe =]



pray for Naija

seen this lil rap vid about the niger delta...check it out

when i think about love

your the one I want....cant get enough of r.Les

Ryan Leslie x adidas Originals - "When I Think About Love" from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.


it seems like magazines are dying out with all the other distractions out there, or maybe im just getting older lol but i often like to read, or jjust look at magazines that pop out at me..my fave mag used to be giantPhotobucket Photobucket

but they went outta business..nylon magPhotobucketPhotobucket has some pretty cool editorial spread..


i see you zoe!

old crushes

lol isnt it funny when you look back and think about all the people u used to have crushes on lol

i used to have a super crush on brandon t jackson...Photobuckethe dnt look so hottt right here...but he can still getit =] lol Photobucket

.haha maybe its cuz i have a thing for funny boys =/ i love a guy that can make meh laugh =D