doin it well

2nd throwback of the day

Doin It- LL Cool J

oh L L 

sky high iced out paradise

Throwback of the day- Thugz Mansion -tupac (R.I.P.)

new state of mind

Every morning on my drive to school, I ride in silence. Not only because I don't necessarily want to start my morning with "Tick Tock" by Kesha blasting on my radio, but because I like to start my morning off with prayer and mediation. It's a habit I picked up from my father. We thank God for bringing us to the start of another day, and thank Him for his blessings. Going home and being with my family has made me realize I do not want to experience God's blessings in vain. I'm tired of waiting for good things to happen to me, saving my clothes for special occasions, and not being proactive. I think I need to try and start making good things happen to me (potential new years resolution?). After dealing with a death in my family, I realize now more than ever that life is short, so LETS GET IT IN!  Although there is a fine line between spontaneity and stupidity, I'm done wasting time. I'm gonna do what I want to do when I want to do it, I suggest you do the same, if you can. This is the last year of my undergrad college career and I want to make the most of it.

"Your attempt may fail, but never fail to make an attempt."
"Choose not to accept the false boundaries and limitations created by the past"


family ties

Leotard- F21
Skirt- H&M
Belt- NY & Company
Leather Jacker- H&m


So this year, i decided I wanted to do big things and do black friday in SF. I gotta say that I was a little disappointed. Most of my finds came from H&M. Urban Outfitters line was TOO long, and I couldnt find anything I wanted enough, worth standing in line for. Forever 21 didnt have any deals that were out of the ordinary.

My favorite buy was this faux fur hat for 5 bucks...my fam wasn't feeling it....but I love it!!

I wanted to bring the Canon to document the craziness, but i concluded that it would take away from my shopping experience. You can't play on Black Friday.

Hello love

I have been SO bad about updating my blog! =[
I apologize, I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving, a fruitful Black Friday, and a fabulous Cyber Monday! New posts coming soon!

Oldies, but goodies.


inspire me

Inspire me
to go above and beyond
to do what I wouldnt normally do
force me
to see things in a different way
to see things your way
help me
to make dreams come true
to turn ideas into reality
prevent me
from keeping my feelings inside
from keeps my thoughts a secret
inspire me
to go above and beyond
to do what I wouldnt normally do.



I guess I havent even touched upon on my favorite shows ANTM. I am so glad they stepped their game up for cycle 15! A spread in Italian Vogue is the real deal! My roommates and I make it a point to watch the show together every week.

My favorites?
Chelsea and Ann!

I hope this is the top two!

Shoutout to Vashtie for being the ONLY girl doin it!

I been meaning to blog about this for a minute, bu in case you didnt know, Vashtie is the only female to ever collab with Jordan to design and produce a pair of Air Jordan 2's.


Va$htie x Air Jordan from Creative Control on Vimeo.


I believe I promised you all pictures from the retreat I went on. It was in South Lake Tahoe...and it was actually quite beautiful. enjoy. ♥


throwback of the day

I had a friend in jr. high/high school who used to be in L O V E with Craig David. 
Throwback of the day- Seven Days

For Colored Girls

Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Not Enough

So, today, my roommates and I went to go see the movie 'For Colored Girls' today. I had heard a lot of criticism about the movie already, that it made black men look bad, etc etc. Just the fact that it was a Tyler Perry movie was cause for caution. But I really wanted to see the movie not only because I love plays, and this movie is based on one, but also because I am somewhat familiar with the play and I knew the complete title had something to do with suicide, a taboo word in the black community. Suicide is not something often associated with black women, let alone the black community. Black women are supposed to be full of strength, uplifting their families, their communities, and in their free time, themselves. So, like I said, I saw the movie. And I didn't hate it. And I say it that way because there is so much resistance to the movie from black youth. They complain about how it makes black men look bad. They complain about how other people will view the black community based off this movie. That they will think that black women are sorry, to say the least. My response to that is: SO WHAT. For me, the focus of this movie is not to document on how bad black men are or to show how weak black women are, but to document the struggle that some women go through in their daily lives and how uplifting black women can be to each other. We aren't living in a dream world. There are people that go through horrible struggles in life and have to find a way through it. Who are we to put down a production who sheds light on those people. Who are we to be so ashamed of ourselves and the struggles of our people that we cant appreciate a work of art that wants to document the stories of strong women who have been almost forced by their circumstance to go to a place that few of us have been. And movie didnt discriminate against class or socio-economic status. These are some problems that are facing the black community, why cant we stand up and face them? I understand why people thought the movie made black men look bad, in fact I may actually agree with that statement. But let us not forget this is a movie, which emphasizes and exaggerates real life happenings. Well, I dont want to give away the movie for those who havent seen it. But, yes, the majority of black men were portrayed in a bad light. But why are we letting that take away from the overall point of the movie. Its not about the men, it clearly reads "For Colored Girls." And to those who think that everyone is now going to look badly upon the black community after seeing this movie, get over it. If those people have negative impressions of black people based on this movie, they probably already had those ideas in the first place. And to those who complain about a lack of a clear uplifting message,( someone getting married, someone falling in love, a happy ending essentially): NOT EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS UPLIFTING! We all fall down, is it wrong to document the struggle of trying to get back up?

Now for my actual movie review: It was a Tyler Perry movie, so it was obviously it was full of melodrama and like i said previously, exaggeration. I didnt necessarily like every part of the movie. And despite my rant, I sympathize with those who are concerned about the message that its saying about black women and the black community. Some have argued that it made black women look weak, that they need to give up part of themselves to be with a man. But, I just want people to realize that this was based on a play, which had a positive message. A powering, and uplifting message. What this movie did most is made me wanna go read the play, so I can interpret what the original author of this play intended.
Everyone has every right to critique the movie, Tyler Perry's directing, the fact that it was all "too much", but the last thing I want people complaining about is that it wasnt "a feel good" movie.

So like I said before, I didn't hate it.