free time

just some photos I took recently

my newest shades...Forever21

interviewin clothes

newest Chucks...gonna stud em soon


the book im readin right now

magazines i'm reading right now, i'll never get tired of print

a few things in my makeup bag

me =]

livin for the nights that i cant remember

....with the people that I wont forget. 
Spent a weekend with the girls last weekend...oodles of fun =]

had to do a costume change as we went from a wedding to a grad party.

Top- CottonOn
Shorts- Marshalls
Ring- Melody Ehsani
Boots- H&M

day to night

scatter- brained

I just downloaded this app called Evernote...basically its helps me remember all the random thoughts in my head and provides a place for me to  document my random, everyday findings. 
Some of my recent findings include:


"Stay hungry. Stay foolish" - Steve Jobs

 "Wat difference does it make if the thing u scared of is real or not?"  - Toni Morrison; Song of Solomon

"the third beer"




Rihanna swaggin

so cute!

yup yup, stay tuned for more findings! 


Anyone who is a fan of H&M knows that one of the downsides to this wonderful store is that you can't shop online, in the US anyways. Fortunately enough, for a limited time you can do just that! Elle has collaborated with H&M again to create new fall looks which can be purchased online at http://shophm.elle.com/.


thinking about forever

I love the song "Thinking About Forever" written by Frank Ocean, sung by Bridget Kelly.
 Her acoustic version is absolutely beautiful! #REALmusic.

a night out on the town.

zippers are one of my favorite embellishments!
top- CottonOn
Skirt- Forever21
Belt- H & M

Photoshoot: Vogue Paris

I am so in love with this photo spread from the September issue of Vogue Paris featuring Joan Smalls and Hailey Clauson.


happy birthday

to me
Monday (8/8) was my bday..brought it in pretty quietly this year with friends and fam.

My sister from another mister surprised me at my house! She knows I love surprises! <3 =]

i am turning 22 but we both look 12 =/

a day in the city

my love for the city is so much I cant even bear it....i gotta live out there one day.