Don't judge me cutie, im reckless.


So day 2 on my spring break, I did basically nothing.....except go see Marsha Ambrosius and Melanie Fiona while they were on the BET Music Matters tour!
A friend of mine was able to get me into the show last minute and I was so ecstatic. I been listening to Marsha Ambrosius for the past two weeks and she was everything and more in person. 

videos coming soon!

I went with a simple look for the concert...stripes!

 with red lipstick poppin 

 needless to say my night was fabulous.
(striped tube dress, black leather jacker, black zipper belt-> all H&M)
The next morning? not so much. =/
I had to get up early for a dentist appointment, and find out i have SEVEN cavities! Yikes!
then I came back to school from track practice, and come home to find that the tanks I designed had indeed arrived!

they are too cute!

Now I'm sittin at home, makin some good ole mac and cheese, and catchin up on my blogs =]
Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings ;]


chasing forever

I dont know about y'all but i had a copy of "Big Willie Style" when I was a kid. My dad prolly thought it was a good idea to buy a rap cd from a guy who prided himself on not cussing lol. Anyways, last week when I was studying and had about a million and one things on my mind, one of the songs from the CD randomly popped in my head. I went to youtube to listen to the song. (to see if it was really as good as it sounded in my head)..and it was! The song is called Chasing Forever.
"Do you think it'd be enough if we just had us?"

thats what the hopeless romantic in me wants...to simply chase forever.



It is finally the most coveted time of year for students: SPRING BREAK! Unfortunately, I won't be able to do everything I would like. Gotta be back at school on Wednesday for track practice....being an athlete does have its cons. However, I plan to make the most of my free time. And so begins the chronicles of my spring break...hopefully its more eventful than I predict it will be (lol)

Day 1:
Woke up, ran some hills, and got ready for my day. 
Took some Macbook flicks on my brand spanking new Macbook courtesy of Mac. (my computer kept having problems and they finally just gave me a new one #swag)

Then I pulled out my trusty, nifty SLR, come to find out the autofocus wasnt working =[....this is about the 5th down in the cycle of ups and downs i have been experiencing during the past 3 days. Its been craziness, but every negative has been matched with a positive, so I'm hoping I can get it fixed. In the meantime, I can still work on my manual focus game.

Im broke but I managed to dig out a Gap gift card in my wallet and headed to the mall for some retail therapy. Ended up just buying this Saved by the Bell tee, but the lady gave me back my change in cash (SWAG SWAG!)
And then I came home. Watched some television and now I'm blogging...pretty uneventful day, but a day that I woke up to see the sun nonetheless...until tomorrow folks =]

Top: Loemahnns
Sequin Bandeau Top: Forever 21
Sweater: Old Navy 
Jeggings: Forever 21
Shoes: Thrifted


everyday is a new day

marsha marsha marsha

So, Ive been hearing all this hype about Marsha Ambrosius and since its finals week, I now have an immense amount of time to listen to new music (while studying of course ;]). And i must say....mannnn I am so in love with her voice, my new girl crush and honestly my new favorite artist hands down. Her new solo album, Late Nights and Early Mornings is easily one of my favorite albums of all time at  this point. Its been awhile since I've heard someone really sing, like really sing their hearts out about something, to the point where you can feel it. Its not just the words comin out of their mouth but the way the sound of their voice makes you feel, or what it makes you remember, or think about. I would advise y'all to definately check out the album. Its deliciously wonderful.



i been neglecting my blog...apologies...ill be up and at em soon.



throwback of the day- Make it Hot- Nicole ft. Missy

"this time imma make ya hot" =]