I wasnt aware that Mechad Brooks was an underwear model....

nice...very nice.


#truth of the day

 "When it comes to matters of the heart we rarely see what is right infront of us, we are always looking ahead. Don’t do that. If there is someone in your life that you are stringing along or if you have the insight to recognize that you yourself are hanging on to something that does not belong to you – cut loose....

On any given night you are likely to: see the one who adores you, dream of the one who ignores you, beg attention from the person who dismisses you and walk by the lost love who misses you. Are you honest with yourself about who falls in what category?" - THOSEgirlsAREwild



I love this Tumblr blog. It simply shows pictures of women and their gorgeous curls.



Bradley Cooper
After seeing him recently in two movies ('All About Steve' and 'Yes Man') and also noticing him in the Hangover, I have come to the conclusion that he is a definite cutie! LOL =]

gotta love the hair.

take me away ...

there are so many places I wanna go....looks like next stop will be VEGAS. 
Cant wait. It is going to be E P I C   .

In other news, I really, really, really wanna go to NY, NY before school starts again. So I can go to dope parties

, get some new fashion tips, and just thoroughly enjoy the "city that never sleeps".

bday wishlist

Seeing as how my birthday is quickly approaching, (12 more day, approx 1.5 weeks =]) I figure I should make a wishlist.
  • Nice camera..I'll take anything I can get
  • Tickets to see Wicked, #littleknownfact=> I love musicals/plays but I've never seen a real one =[
  • Some more Melody Ehsani pieces..kinda fallen in love with this one.

  • Drop 5 stacks on that makeup bag....lol ok maybe not 5 stacks but my makeup collection seriously needs to be re-vamped. Some Mac makeup would b nice, lipsticks and eyeshadows specifically, and Diorshow mascara =]
  • TLC with my friends and family =]
Thats really about it, I believe. Honestly, although I would love everything on this list, I would be content with just having a fun filled day with my friends and fam, whatever the activity may be.
As Drake would say "I love my team"


#goodtimes =]

I just want to belong...

to you. ♥ ;]

 "I'm a modern woman in the sense of i take care of myself. im fiercely independent and im really ambitious. yet, i have these old school thoughts ingrained in my mind. i do like to belong to a man. i like having a man in my life and being his woman at the end of the day. i know its a dichotomy."- Eva Mendes



I've been away for a lil minute but im back! =] Computer is back and fixed and I have the day off tommorow, and pay day is on friday. Life is good =]

And I bring back with me an 


(excuse my  blah appearance, no sleep, no food =[)

Anyhoo, I'm wearing
-h&m blazer- $10
-h&m black leotard- $4
- cynthia steffe black and white skirt- about $4
-pearls- handme downs
-forever21 bracelet- $7

Yea, I love H&M!! and I got the skirt from loemahnn's...gotta love the discount stores and sales! =]



Lack of posts are due to the fact that my laptop is currently being repaired for 5 to 7 days =[

I anxiously await its return. lol

wow, im such an idiot

so my bestie's bday was yesterday and seeing that its summer and i never check the date/time, unless I'm at work, I regrettable forgot to tell her until to today. Yes, I feel like an ass. So Happy (Belated) Birthday MJ! Love ya!



Despite Lindsay Lohan self- destructive behavior and the fact that shes going to jail, I always thought she was gorg

marketing strategy

We all complain about F21..how cheap the material is, how everyone has the same thing as you..etc, etc. But regardless of all of this, WE ALL SHOP THERE! I mean, to be honest, despite the poor quality and the 50% chance that another girl will have your same dress in the club, F21 really has some of the best deals for the cutest clothes. I would know, I'm a bargain shopper, meaning I head straight for the sales rack! Anyways, their new marketing tactic, or whatever you wanna call it is making it easier for us to buy their stuff online. They now tell you the height of the model and what size of the product she is wearing. IDK, I thought that was kinda cool/interesting, maybe thats just me?

mental tug-o- war

with the fashion world!
I love fashion but its saddening and unfortunate how Africans and African Americans are under-represented inn the fashion world. We are truly a beautiful people, and its sad how some people fail to see it. Why is it that when you flip through the pages of Vogue magazine, the "fashion Bible", you barely see any colored faces? And while there their are other Vogue magazines dedicated to other markets like Vogue India, when the idea for Vogue Africa was proposed, Conde Nast (publisher of Vogue) rejected the idea of an African license of Vogue.
so close and yet so far away from #progress
Enjoy these Vogue covers for what coulda been

the trials and tribulations of black hair

Since it is summer time, pool parties are pretty much a must.

 Not even to swim, but just to kick back, enjoy yourself, and hopefully score some free food and drink! Now as a black female, who is currently wearing her own hair, I actually vowed to stay away from the water. Unfortunately I have friends (of the opposite sex) that wont allow you to stay out of the pool...Needless to say I got thrown in. But being the good sport I was, I stayed in the pool..not to mention it was a zillion degrees outside! I had a good time...but i had to pay the price...DUN DUN DUN..had to fix my own hurrr...boys dnt realize how much work it is!

Yes, there were worse pics and no I will not post em.
o yea, my hair is relaaxxed =]


African Fashion Week going on Now!

I didn't even know this event was alive. Shoot if I was big balling, I would fly out there and buy tickets to see the shows!
The fashion week includes designers from all over Africa, including Nigeria.
I looked up some of the designers mentioned and they have some pretty cool stuff!

Chianu Int.

L. Shandi


If you wanna find out more info about the fashion week, click HERE

secrets dont make friends =]

Throwback of the day: Never Keeping Secrets- Babyface.....he has all the R&B slaps...he can prolly get any girl to get with/ get back with him

fashion HOTFIRE