Stop the Violence

Recently, there was a video posted of a 16 year old boy beaten to death in Chicago

I watched this video and my heart sank. Sheesh..its bad enough that this guy was beaten to death with all these people watching, but I want to know who was sick enough to videotape it. Stop the Violence...their lack of value for life is saddening.

Fashion Flickksss


lowkey been sleepin on J. Holiday

His newest album Round 2 goeeess! <3
I recently heard it in my roomies car and fell in love. I havent really explored the entire CD, but the songs I like so far are #3. Fall,
#4. Don't Go, #5 Wrong Lover. And I especially like #9. Make That Sound and #2. It's Yours, which just happens to be his latest single. Theres also a video out for this song
J. Holiday - It's Yours

so yea...for all you R&B lovers out there...check it out


A real life Cinderella

Wow...we live in a world that can grant any rich trick's hearts desire.....You can buy glass slippers tho....fo real


A pair costs $2,580 and just one slipper costs $1,277...just in case you want to fufill a fantasy.....Sheeeeeesh lmao smh

The graduate

So every wednesday of every quarter all the black people (who party) at my school go to this restaurant that turns into a "club" at night called The Graduate. Now, we all hate the Grad because they play techno music, Pitbull, and Single Ladies about 3 times, when we all know we wanna hear Th Dream, some Plies, some Trey etc etc. This year, there were rumors that The Grad was cancelled.....now even tho I despise the place, I feel like going to the grad on the 1st Wednesday of the school year is a right of passage..lol anyways the grad ended up not being cancelled..yay lol here goes some flicks from the night! =]






all this love

Throwwwback - This Luv- Donell Jones
I love this song!! although the lyrics are questionable haha ---->"No relationships involved
Gotta keep it strickly physical............I understand you got a nigga that lives at home, but I want to be that cat that makes you moan" lol hmmm

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sugarrr dadddie

smh at this website!


guess you can find anything on the internet nowadaysss haha

Folllow FAB

I think Fabolous is by far the most entertaining person to follow on twitter! That igga is hilarious and he seems like such a normal guy haha...If u have twitter, you should definitely follow him. --------> http://twitter.com/myfabolouslife =]


Finnaalllly back in the habit!

I finallllly got internet in my new apt...so i can go back to blogging! too bad skool starts soon =/



I <3 Lauryn Hill

Throwback Joint of the day: Ex factor- by lauryn Hill

I still bump The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill...the perfect chill mode album..helps you think... about everything.


I just seen this movie ad on concreteloop.com

lol I have no idea what its about, but i wanna see it lol

It is also rumored that Chanel Iman is gonna be the new judge on America's Next Top Model
tres interessante

Act like a lady, think like a man?

Hmmmmm, There may be some truth to this

This is the title of of book written by Steve Harvey


Chapter Titles include:

"What Drives Men"
"Our Love Isn't like Your Love"
"'We Need to Talk', and the other words that make men run for cover"
"First Things First: He Wants to Sleep With You"
"Why Men Cheat"
"Men Respect Standards-- Get Some"
"Strong, Independent,-- and Lonely-- Women"
"How to Get the Ring"

A couple quotes

(on men)"...And one simple thing is true about each of us: we are very simple people and all basically think in a similar way"

"I'm going to tell you the secrets--the real deal about men, the things we wish you knew about us, but that we really don't want you to know, lest we lose the game"

HMMMMMM....lol I must say I am intrigued...whether this book has really good advice or will just provide a good laugh I dont know, but maybe this book is worth reading. I don't wanna seem like those girls that need to read a book on how to "catch a man", lol but i might just check it out ;]

Happy Anniversary to the parentals

Today they celebrate 21 years of marriage! =]

Here goes some throwbacksss...i guess I will admit, they were cute HAHA



fashionable picsss of the dayy







sometimes we all just need a lil pushhhh

My favorite relationship blog NakedWITH SOCKSON dished out a bit of unexpected inspiration today. When I typed the link into my Firefox box, I didnt really expect to see a post about loving yourself.


"You should be able to look yourself in the eye every day. You should be able to face the mirror and be happy with the person who is staring back at you. You should be able to like love what and who you see.

If you don’t, then it’s up to you to make that reflection better."

Now Im not usually into all this sentimental bull, but I believe this to be true. I know that in order for someone to love you, you have to love yourself. And if you dont like what you see when you look yourself in the mirror, then dont mope or complain about it, but make moves to change it.

Lol and thats all I gotta say, maybe its time to make some changes around here....maybe not...smh i guess I'll see


again..pics courtesy of whateverlife.com

the age old question..men and women...

Can they be just friends?...For me, I think the answer is yes, but as with any relationship, you have to know your limits. I was reading another post on Nakedwithsockson, which discussed the question "Can Your Boyfriend Go On Dates With Other Women?" LOL the way it is described in the post seems pretty harmless...but I think I would want my man to be at least a lil jealous if I was going on dinner and movie dates with iggas he didn't know, but within reason...I mean, I need my space lol...and I think I would feel a slight twinge of jealousy if I knew my man was going out with other females I didnt know. I guess relationships are always a compromise which include a lot of give and take...but I guess I wouldnt know nothin bout that cuz in the infamous words of Talib Kweli "I've never been in love before" lol =P


ohhh L'AMOUR


pics courtesy of whateverlife

we gon get tipsy in this clubbbb

The offical Tipsy video has come out...I kno many of you can recall the infamous video put up by spectacular..making ppl feel the song..but question Spec's sexuality..lmao

Anyways....haha, here is the official video. To tell you the truth, I really didnt watch the video all the way..seems like the usual video..alcohol and girls galore and O gosh..why is the new singer's name Lingerie...LMAO SMH!

when the rainbow is enough


Tyler Perry is bringing another play to the big screen...but this time, on a topic that you usually do not hear too much about: colored girls who have considered suicide. Now Tyler Perry didn't actually write this play..it was written by someone named Ntozake Shange. I am actually quite interested in seeing how this plays out. Suicide is not really something that I think is thoroughly discussed in the black community, especially suicide of black women. I think that because black culture and black teachings encourage us to be strong as individuals and as a people, suicide always seems out of the question. But it does happen. Here is a monologue from the play

Jasmine Guy, who is known for her roles in black theater and also played Whitley of my fave show 'A Different World', is also heading the recent production of the play, along with other famous black female celebs

fizz/boog.....lol smh

I guess since I was such a huge fan...I will give a lil update on the careers of Lil Fizz and J-Boog...

they went on 106 and Park and released their new video...nothin really special..but tell me why in the 106 clip..Fizz looks so sorry...smhhh and i used to call that igga my babay!

Official "Bounce" Video

Im gonna live forever...Im gonna learn how to fly


The remake of the 1980 movie FAME is set to come out on Sept. 25...and I for one, am NOT really excited for its release. I'm the type of person that likes to see the original of somethin before I see the remake.
Here are some clips from the original

So I watch the original and I love it..its nitty and gritty and has all the qualities that make me love musicals and plays. It deals with real issues and and although the movie is pretty long, it caught my attention the whole way. However, the remake....seems like its bout to be some kind Disney, kiddy, BS. How are going to remake the anger and mischief or Leroy, or the attitude of COCO. I mean, the original FAME, which was originally titled "Hot Lunch" was rated R. This ish is bout to be rated PG! LMAO SHEESH...I suppose I can't really criticize a movie I havent seen. Maybe the producers of the remake will be able to capture the spirit of FAME in a way that everyone can enjoy...although I seriously doubt it.

Here is the trailer for the new FAME

and apparently there was a TV show as well

tyra banks with no weave

So Im watchin television one night and I see a commercial for the Tyra Banks show

...she's gonna come on the show without her weave. Now I will admit, unlike most people, I can tolerate Tyra Banks (I am a pretty faithful watcher of America's Next Top Model), so I was intrigued about how the chick would look. Welp..I ended up missing the show but I saw the clip on youtube...and I was dissappointed! LMAO her hair looked just like it did in Higher Learning...just a lil wet. Now I don't know for a fact that her hair isnt naturally straight...but I seriously doubt it. I was expecting her to come out with a fro...a lil nappyness..something out of the ordinary! lol Anyways..Here is a clip from the show


Wow, what is this world coming too?

Stripper dolls....for children? SMH


like is this is pretty ridiculous...I dont know why they would portray this image to young girls...all i can do is SMH at this one...lol words cannot describe my disgust and dissapointment

Saturday Night Lights!

The gentlemen of WWJD, who brought you Summer Rain, are throwing you another party yet again!


BE THERE. Don't make the mistake of missing out... you will regret it.

Fashion Flicksss of Today



Photobucket...new Melody Ehsani stuff looks like its bout to be hotttt!

Photobucket----i see u adidas

Ready Vs. Anticipation

Photobucket vs. Photobucket

I know I'm late on this but I just recently got hold of the the new Trey Songz CD, "Ready"....and I have to say that the CD is pretty phenomenal..haha like so much so that my roommates and I have had that ish on repeat for the past 3 days. But I can't decide whether I like Anticipation or Ready better...like I'm revisiting the Anticipation and I'm finding more songs that I like! lol Well here are my faves from each cd

Anticipation (not in any particular order)

- Famous
- Scratching Me Up ***
- It Would Be
- You Belong to Me
- Does She Know
- Yo Side of the Bed
- On Top

Ready (again..not in Any particular Order)

- 1. Panty Droppa-Intro
- 2. Neighbors Know My Name
- 3. I Invented Sex (feat. Drake)
- 5. One Love
- 6. Does He Do It
- 9. Ready To Make Luv
- 10. Jupiter Love
- 17. Yo Side Of The Bed

***faves subject to change! ***

Overall both works of art are pretty bomb, and If you havent heard Anticipation and/or Ready..you should get on that ASAP =]

Ahhh Im back!

Finally back in the bay, in a place where I have internet and satellite dish with Tivo, I might add! haha =]

Anyways, some notable things that happened while I was away...

- the "Successful" video came out...I actually really like the video..Both Trey and Drake looked quite dapper I must say =]

- I dont know if any of you guys remember Nik from ANTM, which happens to be one of my fave shows btw, but shes preggers and she took some pictures for Essence magazine..check em out.


- H&M released a bit of their Divided H&M Collection...Im feelin the dress in the upper left

- R.I.P DJ AM.

- I may be one of those people that is interested in the Kardashians for no particular reason, but these pics are pretty interesting..is that really Kim??

thats about it for now..still catching up on all that C.Breezy nonsense lol...btw that guy finally got a twitter-->Mechanical Dummy



Sh-eeesh....i've been gone for a minute...and im not back yet..I have been moving to my new apt and its great! =]

new posts coming soon <3