Just some articles from the various blogs that I read that I found interesting.

Being Kelly Kapowski

Ima need to learn how to

SEW!! ASAP actually.

Its always been a dream of mine to design my own clothes...when i was in highschool i had a design book. I was a StreeTdIVa and no one could stop me.

Nowadays, my vision has evolved, the new name of my line would be olivejuice. The idea behind it being, "Things are not always what they seem", you know because like when you see someone saying olivejuice, it looks like they are saying I love you. Anyways, hopefully this summer, I will be making moves toward my goal. In the meantime, Ill continue designing stuff for the clubs on campus I'm in, shout out to NSA! =]

New new new


Drake ft Young Jeezy- Unforgettable

I'm really feelin this song, and the "let me know" beat in the background

Trey Songz- Yo Side of the Bed new Video
This video wasnt what i expected but it was really good, real sweet..heartbreaking even.

Luda ft Trey - Sex Room...the song and video are just ok...lol thing with the girls is kinda dumb lol

The Statement- Wiz Khalifa- cool cool, i love contrast and the switch from color to black and white..and wiz is lowkey easy on the eyes lol


Deuces- Tyga and Chris Brown- this song is tyte, and i love black and white vids
"so i flip that middle finger and that index finger follow"

Rihanna- Rockstar 101 - at first when i was watching this video , I was like wtf is this lol but after a bit , i started feelin it, brings out the bada** in us all lol and like i said before, I <3 black and white videos =]


give it to em Dwayne

"Im an educated black man, you're worst nightmare punk!" - Dwayne Wayne
Lol this episode of a different world has got to be my favorite, by far...its about a serious subject, but its hilarious! haha



ok c breezzzy

Now dont get me wrong, I usually rep Trey Songz over Chris Brown all day! But sh-eeeesh, Chris takes the cake with this video..wow! lol I'm finally seein him as grown man...a grown, reallly good looking man! lmao


So many people have this thing called a Bucket List, which entails a list of things they wanna do before they die. I have something of the sort inside my head but sometimes its good to write things down. So here goes, in no particular order

  •  Dive off of a diving board into the deep end
    • see heres the dilemma, i can swim, like I've taken an umpteenth amount of swimming lessons and had my fair share of summer camp experiences in lagoons and water parks, but for some reason I'm just so terrified that when i dive in the deep end, im going to drown =/ lol
  • Fall in love.
    • now I know it sounds cliche and all, but im being for real...as a lil chocolate girl who grew up around people who didnt look like her, love used to seem like it was something that was un-attainable
    • and not just any kind of love either ( you kno cuz theres unrequited love and who would want that?! lol) but the kind the is mutual and comes with a deep respect and joy just for being able to know that other person. The kind that fills your heart till you think its about to burst
  • Go backstage at a concert
    • Its funny because out of all the concerts I been to (Kanye, Trey-Jay-Jeezy, Young Money, Mya, Wale, Day 26), i have had to pay for NONE of them..thanks to all the beautiful people I  have in my life. So seeing as I've seen a pretty good array of stars, I wanna take it to that next step and meet them in person!
  • Hit on a guy
    • Now anyone who knows me, knows that im really shy, specially when it comes to the opposite sex. But i wonder how life would be like if I was the aggressive type, lol just a thought.
  • Be a guest on a television show
    • Like oprah or 106& park lol I know those are too extremes but I mean just the general sense of being a show and enjoying it live.
  • Have a small role on a soap
    • this seems really silly, but i just think it would be cool if i could have a role, i mean soap operas have crazy story lines, My character could last only like 3 days....maybe a more realistic goal is to be an extra lol
  • Have my own "Hangover experience
    • lol now as I stated before, if you kno me, you kno i can be shy, but if really know me, like if  you really eff wit me, you know i love to have a good time...its almost arguable that im the wildest one out my roomies, but anyways, I wanna just have that crazy 3 day weekend that had a bunch of crazy stuff happen and a bunch of good things happen too and everything turns out ok and you come home with tan lines, phone numbers, videos, 1000 pics and stories to tell for days lol...idk i'm  kinda weird in a way that i like chaos...i have a poster in my room that hits the nail on the head "craziness is heaven" <3
There's a whollllleeee lot more but I figure I can make this a reoccuring feature on my blog..so stay tuned =] 

tough cookies

Life is wild out here...the past few months have been so turbulent, physically and mentally...so much so that right about now, im at a point of exhaustion. But probably the biggest lesson I have learned through everything is to have faith. its the easiest thing you can do for yourself and the hardest thing to keep up with. Have faith in God, have faith in yourself, have faith in your family and have faith in your friends. Its kinda like the church scene in Daddys Little Girls.
 Life is gonna throw some things at you that are gonna make you fall down, and make you stay down, to make you give up. But you cant give up. Thats the hard part, you have to have faith that better days will come.  Anyways, just thought I'd put some personal insight on here. I mean it is MY blog! =] 

 so forgive but never forget. Try to live life with no regrets. 

Stay up everyone...thats what I'm tryna do.

Peace + Love. 

ush -er

I just realized Usher used to really have the hitters in like '06!! Like Confessions was on repeat like Trey Songz ready is now lol. Even before then tho..like You Remind me

or  You got it bad

lol i used to be belting them songs out without a clue of what it really meant to feel like that lmao smh

anyways, just a #randompost =]


I havent been keeping up with my blog...a lot has been goin on lately....smh, man. but im bout to get back to it!


Bow Wow pours his heart out

So I'm follwing Bow Wow's blog or watever, and he hasnt posted in awhile but today he posted a long...well i dont wanna call it a rant but a long message defending the way he's portrayed in the media. Poor baby =/ lol smh, who knows what's true or not these days?!

Bow Wow's entry entitled "Why Me?"

i was wondering maybe, could I make you my baby

Alicia Keys has finally come out with a video for Unthinkable. I been in love with the song since I first heard it! I dnt kno how I feel about the video. I mean the concept is cool, real cool actually. Like the 3 time zones is tight..i guess I was just surprised by her love interest...haha but i understand it, I feel it lol

Find your love

This song is hott and so is the video! I'm really feelin the whole story line and jamaican feel! this could possibly be my favorite video!! OK Drake! I'm still mad I didnt get to see him in concert cuz he tore his ACL =| =\

"I betta find yo lovin, I betta find your heart.."



Please peep the fashion blog that I have with my roomies! http://wildhorses3.blogspot.com


they're baacckkkk

The boondocks that is! Their new season just began last week! I suggest you check it out. And follow @TheRileyFreeman and @TheHueyFreeman on Twitter. They are pretty hilarious hahaha =] you can also go see the newest episode on the Cartoon Network site I believe.



something out of a lot of nothins

i simply remember my favorite things and then i dont feel...sooo badd!

1. Favorite hobby ===>EATING!! and then shopping, and then boys, and o yea track and field lol i didnt really mean that last part..track isnt just a hobby, like most ppl choose to believe, its pretty much my life =] 
2. Favorite tv show? A Different World "Homie Don't Play That"- Whitley Gilbert

3. Favorite restaurant food? sheesh this a toughie, hmmm ima go with crab cakes with fried shrimp, or BJ's pizza being runner up =]

4. Favorite thing to shop for? Hmm...also a toughie..ima say dresses...you can never have too many! =D

5. Favorite animal? cheetah bebe...catch one if u can ;]

6. Favorite song? Its quite impossible to pick just one favorite, especially my favorites change all the time. But lets see, maybe top 5 to 10..IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER
  • Love Will Be Right Here -SWV
  • Things Your Man Wont Do- Joe
  • I May Never Find- Chris Brown
  • Where I Wanna Be- Donnel Jones
  • Incomplete- Sisqo
  • So Beautiful- Musiq
  • Ima just say TREY SONZ..
  • How You Gonna Act like that- Tyrese
  • Melt My Heart to Stone- Adele
  • Stingy- Ginuwine
  • Obviously you can see the heavy R&B influence here haha
  • Ok and spaceship Kanye West
  • There's more but i cant think of em

7. Favorite word?
8. Recent favorite youtube video? sheesh lol idk but i remember everyone thought this vid was hilarious when I was a kid

9. Favorite movie?
Antwon Fisher, catch a fire, crooklyn

10. Favorite childhood memory?
altogether too many to choose from. I had a great childhood thanks to my parents who i love soooo much! i remember we would always dance around the house, act silly, my dad would read to me b4 i went to bed, my mom would always teach me news songs, and help me with stuff, i modeled as a kid..so many..im like peter pan man ...i neva wanna grow up, wish i could b a kid forever!


why dont you love me

Is the title of the song for Beyonce's newest video. I know people have a lot to say bout Beyonce, she does to much, blah blah blah but I like this video and its concept. You can do everything in your power to please a man but sometimes....he's just not that into you lol haha but It would be cool to be that kinda wife..looking your best for alll occassions like the '50s homemaker lol.

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.