when in doubt go back to your roots

i was looking for words of wisdom...thought I'd post some Toni morrison quotes, its a shame that I dont read anymore =/

"Sweet, crazy conversations full of half sentences, daydreams and misunderstandings more thrilling than understanding could ever be."
— Toni Morrison (Beloved)

Do they still call it infatuation? That magic ax that chops away the world in one blow, leaving only the couple standing there trembling? Whatever they call it, it leaps over anything, takes the biggest chair, the largest slice, rules the ground wherever it walks, from a mansion to a swamp, and its selfishness is its beauty.... People with no imagination feed it with sex -- the clown of love. They don't know the real kinds, the better kinds, where losses are cut and everybody benefits. It takes a certain intelligence to love like that -- softly, without props.

"You think because he doesn't love you that you are worthless. You think that because he doesn't want you anymore that he is right -- that his judgement and opinion of you are correct. If he throws you out, then you are garbage. You think he belongs to you because you want to belong to him. Don't. It's a bad word, 'belong.' Especially when you put it with somebody you love. Love shouldn't be like that. Did you ever see the way the clouds love a mountain? They circle all around it; sometimes you can't even see the mountain for the clouds. But you know what? You go up top and what do you see? His head. The clouds never cover the head. His head pokes through, beacuse the clouds let him; they don't wrap him up. They let him keep his head up high, free, with nothing to hide him or bind him. You can't own a human being. You can't lose what you don't own. Suppose you did own him. Could you really love somebody who was absolutely nobody without you? You really want somebody like that? Somebody who falls apart when you walk out the door? You don't, do you? And neither does he. You're turning over your whole life to him. Your whole life, girl. And if it means so little to you that you can just give it away, hand it to him, then why should it mean any more to him? He can't value you more than you value yourself."
— Toni Morrison

to buy or not to buy

Despite the growing internet world, im still a fan of print (magazines, etc ). I just caught wind of this new African fashion mag. Pop Africana, seems pretty legit...but its $13 =/

he like the way i

riiidddeee it

lol yea i know im late but heres ciara's new ride video, the video pretty much speaks for itself lol

silly silly silly me

Throwback of the day- Silly by Deniece Williams


Track is wack?

Now dont get me wrong, I love the sport of track and field. I don't know what I would do if I couldnt hurdle or jump. There is some kind of internal drive inside of me that forces me to keep at this. No matter how much I hate running, or the time it takes I still want to be on the track. I dont know why but thats just me. There is no one else pushing me to do this but myself. Im not on scholly, I didnt do this cuz I had friends doing it, It was my own personal decision to attempt (and succeed) in joining a D-1 collegiate track and field team. BUT sometimes i feel like its hindering my LIFE! its so frustrating when everyone is out doing something fun and I cant indulge because I am a student athlete. I mean I guess being a athlete helps keep me in check, but sometimes I just want to be me. In high school, i would dress up everyday to school and now you will most likely catch me in some track tights, a sweatshirt, and the same Nike blazers...everyday. Anyways, I can whine and complain all day, but at the end of the day I know where I'll end up..at practice, leaving everything on the track. Lets hope i haven't used all this effort in vain...ill be awaiting those last couple weeks of school where there is no more track so I can let out my true STreeT_dIVa persona =]


reverse cowgirl

Despite the lowkey ridiculous lyrics, I been feelin T-pain's song reverse cowgirl for awhile now.

"Just put it in reverse cowgirl, giddy up giddy up...just put your hands in the air, wave em round and go yeee-haw" 


 Passion: Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. 2. strong amorous feeling or desire, love ardor 3. strong sexual desire, lust.

Question: True or False? "Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship"

Who remembers this video?


oh did i have a huge crush on Jason Weaver....if you dont know who he is, he played marcus on smart guy. He was also in ATL. Anyways i just remembered him cuz I even had some of his music on my computer...he was such a cutie! too bad hes not that cute anymore =/
"Love ambition" was one of my favorite songs of his. 

along with "I Cant Stand the Pain"

He was also in the "One Call Away" Video

Lauren baby

Apparently Lauren Hill hasnt gone off the deep end like some people may have thought, she showed up to a recent event looking quite ravishing, a little older looking, but still ravishing nonetheless. Ima take it back with one of my favorite Lauryn Hill Songs: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

My world it moves so fast today
The past it seems so far away,
And life, squeezes so tight that i can't breathe

And every time i've tried to be
What someone else thought of me
So caught up, i wasnt able to acheive

And deep in my heart
The answer, it was in me
And I made up my mind
To define my own destiny


do you think its easier in life for dark skin girls or light skin girls?

uhh i dont know that life is necisarrily harder but i will argue that darker girls tend to have it harder and suffer from more obstacles in regards to male counterparts. A lot of black males, not all but a lot, are quick to say that they dnt f*ck with dark skinned girls, and its just a preference,...but i can guarantee you, that there are way more ppl who say they wont date or talk to a dark girl than say they wont talk to a light skinned girl. I mean I'm dark so i've obviously experienced first hand guys making fun of me cuz i was dark or wtv, but its just made a stronger person. I personally embrace all shades of the rainbow, and if someone doesnt like me cuz im dark, thats their prob =]

Caught up

The throwback today comes from......MURDER INC.! haha
Caught up - Ja Rule- Lloyd

"Hold on! This is how it all begins
You call your friends
I'll call my friends.
We'll all be friends
And hang out at the mansion
At the Hamptons on weekends.
Then it all ends.
And the question is.."

"Put ya hands up, If you single for the night"

"Yeah I'm single,
N-gga had to cancel that b-tch like nino,
I aint trippin on nothin,
I'm sipping on somethin,
And my homeboy say he got a bad b-tch for me, "

yea this is one of my fave tracks on No Ceilings...finally came out with a video! =] enjoyy

We both say we single, And we both lying,
We both wrong but it feel right,
Put your hands up if you single for the night..

is your extensive writing style reflective of your oral communication?

uhhh hmm, aight so i think this question is asking if the way i write reflects the way i talk and the answer is.....yes and no....i mean first of all it depends on where I'm writing, the way I write on my blog, or on my twitter, or on my facebook is obviously not the same way I would write a paper...I guess you could say that the way I would write on sumthing like twitter is verbatum the words I would actually say but at the same time, I do sometimes talk the way I would write a paper, like when im trying to explain something or make a point. I think im good with words but im even better with words when I can write em down...my thoughts flow better that way =]

You can ask me anything.=]

Happy Birthday CHICHI!

Ok so on April 14, my bebe Chisara turned 19...and I've been oh so busy that I didnt have time to save her a post ....so here u go ChiChi..happy birthday once again! =D love ya!! =]


Trey Songz does reality TV?

Apparently Trey Songz and  Jeezy have a new reality show coming out on BET, scheduled to air right before the BET awards. It supposed to be based on their experiences during the BP3 tour. Finally, BET is making some progress. The Family Crews, they are picking up The Game, and now this. Well Im not gonna lie, I will definitely be tuning in...its prolly bout to be wild!


Terry Crews

Recently I've been watching a lot of the show "the Family Crews", which stars Terry Crews..you mighta seen him in White Chicks or as the dad on Everybody Hates Chris. Anyways, his show is actually one of the more decent shows on BET and his son is absolutely adorable!! Anyways, so I keep hearing about this hilarious new Old Spice commercial with him it. Lol i thinks there are different ones, but this one is pretty funny. When someone has a reality show, its weird when you see them act again lol.


So Im on Twitter, or whatever, and I seen Kim Kardashian tweet somethin saying "Another fake event", so i click on it and see this poster...azukar lounge in sac...false advertising...smh lol why oh why is sac so whack =[
...not like im tryna see kim kardashian or anything lmao, im just sayin...smh


so fresh and so clean

Hollywood's Bonnie and Clyde AKA Jay-z and Beyonce just celebrated their 2 year wedding anniversary. Beyonce looks so different, without all that makeup she usually wears. Kind of a fresh look. I feel it. She dont look as glam, but she looks more normal? lol

Cause Baby when you get through, Im going show off you

I heard this song on the radio on my way home last night.
My, my, my Johnny Gill <== Throwback of the day

"You got my saying My, My, My My, My, My, You sure look good tonight" =]


Happy easter!

Happy Easter everyone! May God shower you all with blessings! ♥


trey ...me no like

i dnt like this VIBE mag cover...looks like his stomach is forced =/