happy birthday

to me
Monday (8/8) was my bday..brought it in pretty quietly this year with friends and fam.

My sister from another mister surprised me at my house! She knows I love surprises! <3 =]

i am turning 22 but we both look 12 =/


  1. Happy (B) Birthday.. you look soo happy.. I really want a party too but I don't no.. ill be 22 next month and I want to have soo much fun, but i dont no what to do...!

  2. Thank you! Well it depends on what you like, but you could take a trip or rent a party bus and go to the club, or go to happy hour with friends, or go see a comedy show, a drag show, or a hookah bar, or an amusement park..idk theres a million things you can do! lol hope you have a fun birthday


Any thoughts?