Looking at the past through rose covered glasses

Paying tribute to "real" R&B

I have a quick question: where have all the crooners gone? I fully respect everything that current R&B artists like Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and Tyrese are trying to do but I haven't heard a song in awhile that I think will considered an R&B classic. Gone are the days where songs like "Where I Wanna Be" by Donnel Jones and "Differences" by Ginuwine rock the airwaves, making girls swoon with he sweetness of each lyric with amazing acoustics in the background. As a tribute to these classics, I want to post a classic R&B song with a twist. I'm gonna post the real song and the cover of the song that I think does the song some justice by a classic R&B lover like myself. So here's to the crooners, let the days of the classics begin. I'll leave y'all with a little Jamie Foxx. He is so talented and his voice combined with the piano is absolutely beautiful. 

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