My sweetie, my sugah

AHHHH I luv luv luvvvvv this song and this video.
I know all my Nigerians have heard the chorus to this song at a Nigerian party or wedding or something "You're my sweetie, my sugah, my baby, my luvah" haha. This remake is super cool and the video is poppin! Haha, me and my roomie were just talkin about how we are gonna have this song playing at our weddings =] lol And, its funny because I dont usually like remakes, or Part 2's but Wale did his thing on this track. I can really appreciate an artist who reps where he comes from to the fullest! Here goes the video: MY SWEETIE- WALE...lol peep the naija moms in the video haha

Nigeria STAND UP! =]

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