Will You Be Mine?

Ohhh Valentines Day......what kind of blogger would I be if I didnt touch upon the subject. Now I could begin this post by saying that Valentines Day is a holiday for suckers, that its a way to make people spend loads on money on stuff for no reason, or that its an excuse to make bickering lovers mend things, but I'm not gonna go about this in a pessimistic way. Although valentine's day may be a conspiracy to make single people feel like loosers, I'm not gonna knock it. Now, I have never had a valentine before... -_-....yes I know..sad but true. And it doesnt look like things are gonna change this year. But, I know that if I had a valentine, I would be suppper juiced! =D hahah so in honor of v-day..here are these pictures and here is my old skool v-tine playlist. enjoy ♥

1. Forever My Lady- Jodeci
2. Differences- Ginuwine
3. Love you more- Ginuwine
4. Everytime I Close My eyes- Babyface
5. I wanna Be Your Man- Blackstreet
6. Ill Make Love To You- Boyz 2 Men
7. Spend My life With You- Eric Benet and Tamia
8. Weak- SWV
9. For You I Will- Monica
10. Love- Musiq
11. So Beautiful

....just to name a few




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