Fellas- MUST-DO's on dates

6 Things Grown Men Should Know When Dating

Let me start off by saying that the only reason why I used the picture above is because it is ever so corny, and absolutely hilarious! Look at those fake smiles...and that mans hair!!
All jokes aside, this article from Bitchie Life brought up six good things that guys should take note of when on a date.

1. Conversation- Fellas, please keep up the conversation. Now I'll admit, I'm a tad bit on the shy side so I may lean on the guy at little more than most for conversation topics. But one of the most uncomfortable things on a date is awkward silence, which then causes me to ramble. And you can't just talk about anything! Topic choice is key, talk about something you can both relate to. A girl wants to be able to get to know each other on a date, not just hear all about you!

2. Know How to Plan a Date- Guys, It's nice to know what things you like to do, and the fact that you can take the time to plan out something special for a date, means something. So try to plan something creative and fun, even if its just dinner and a movie, choose a movie you know you guys will like or maybe explore a new type of food.

3. Dress for the occasion- Please, please, please dress to impress! I know they say looks arent everything, but first impressions go a long way. So take into consideration that what you are wearing is gonna say a lot about you and the kind of person you are.

4. Explore Different Dating Arenas- This go back to #2. Be creative! =]

5. Differentiate The Type of Women You Are Dealing With - Basically, you cant use the same game on every single girl.....well maybe you can (HAHA), but at least try to change it up a bit. Every girl is unique in their own way. So realize that and use it to your advantage. Personally, I dont mind being gamed up...as long as I cant tell! ;]

6. Pay attention- Every woman loves attention, including myself. So, no distractions. Make it a point to let her know that shes the only one on your mind at that point in time. (and if shes not, FAKE IT! =])


  1. this is some great advise..! sometimes when guys plans dates could be a tad Borning..! and then ontop ove it they DON'T talk..! lol..! im just going to forward this link to the guy the guy guy im dating..!



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