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A lot of times, black women have a hard time finding what kind of makeup looks good on their face. And as a darker skinned woman, I have especially had my own journey of finding out what works and what doesnt. I wanna take you to my makeupcase, and show you my Top 10 makeup selections.

10. Mac Studio Fix (NW50)- I'm the type of person that doesn't like heavy foundation...i dont use liquid stuff or concealer or any of that. So this is just a really quick way to make my face look clean.

9. Beauty Rush Lip Gloss (Victorias Secret)- I really love these lip glosses because they come in so many colors and they last really long, and they taste good!
I have Spring Fling, Cherry Baby, Strawberry Fizz, and Fineapple. (Spring Fling is my fave! =])

8. Mark-Kay Blush- Now I know we all have a mom or know someone elses mom that sells Mary- Kay makeup. My mom happened to get to blush and she didnt like it, so she gave it to me. And I have been using it ever since. Its all broken up now....but i cant let it go. I'll make it work till I can buy a new one.
(the color I have is called Brick)

7. Elf eye shadow- Elf carries some of the cheapest makeup you can buy and it actually looks good. They sell their eyeshadows in palettes, and in my case a "book". I think its a really great buy for everyday school makeup or if you want to experiment with looks and colors and you dont want to spend a lot of money. This Elf book of shadows cost $5!

6.  Mascaras- I actually have 3 mascaras to recommend. (Sidenote: I really love to buy the blackest mascara/eye liner I can find. I'm a fan of the dramatic look, so natural blacks don't really work for me. So if you like the more natural black look, you can use these products but in different colors.)
So first off, the cheapest and most effective mascara is the classic green and pink bottle.
  • Maybelline Great Lash Big in Blackest Black- this mascara was very cheap but also worked surprisingly well to make my lashes pop!

  • L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara , Carbon Black

  • Covergirl- Lashblast.
All of these mascaras all relatively good and can be found at your local drugstore. My favorite out the three is the L'Oreal Carbon black.

5. Rimmel Waterproof eye definer in Precious Gold- I like using colored liners when I dont feel like putting on eyeshadow and I just want some color on my face.

4. CoverGirl Line Exact Liquid Liner pen- I like the idea of having liquid liner in a pen because its hard for me sometimes to keep a steady hand with a utensil. I know Covergirl comes out with new products all the time, so if you can't find this product out there, you can find some variation.

3. I have just recently dived into the world of lipstick. But my favorite lipstick to wear right now is my Lancome lipstick in Merlot. Its not to bright to make me look like a clown, but not too dark either.

2. My all time favorite eye-line right now is Maybelline Define-a-line eye liner in Ebony black. The only complaint I have it doesn't stay put well. Like if you accidentally touch your face or something, it will smear =/ but it looks great if you dont touch it! =]

1. Mac eyeshadows! - you can relatively any color you want from Mac and they are all pretty beautiful. Right now I have Cranberry and Mythology.

So thats my top 10, and those are the products I use pretty much on the daily.
If you just want to get up and go with a fresh face take some Carmex or some Burt bees lip balm with you to care for your lips!

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