Justice for Troy Davis

I live in a cold world. I live in a place where human beings,  monsters, think it is OK to take someone's life in order to "get justice." Today, Troy Davis was executed for the murder of a white police officer in 1989. He was accompanied by another prisoner, James Byrd Jr., who was executed for killing a black man and dragging his dead body with a truck until his limbs fell off. Troy Davis' case had an innumerable amount of flaws and there was highly measurable amount of doubt that Troy had even committed the crime. But, he still died. Why?

I makes me so sad to think that there people in the world who can confidently stand by this decision. A man was killed today, and no one can be sure that he even committed a crime. I mean to Me that is unbelievably horrible. The fact that people think they can play God, and choose who should receive something like capital punishment and who doesn't is just insane! It is so ironic to me that the family of the black man killed by James B. can manage to forgive him but the family of the cop that was killed is advocating for Troy's execution. Its mind-boggling. Its a question of ethics. There are so many sayings saying how WRONG the death penalty is! Two Wrongs Dont Make a Right. An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. NEED I GO ON?!

There are people who claim they knew Troy was going to die and they aren't surprised that something like this happen, but I am someone who cant help but hope that we are gonna progress, THAT we are gonna do better. Maybe this is what our world needed for the moment, a martyr, a person for young people to identify with and get involved. Yes, our system is seriously flawed, yes some really fucked up things happen under our government in the name of "justice". But, if we just sit back and accept all the bad things that happen, how is anything gonna ever change. What are you even here for? What is your purpose? How are you gonna make this world safe for your children? If you don't want to take action, at the very least make yourself aware.  When you see a law for the death penalty, vote against it. Make yourself aware of enough of the happenings in this world so you dont repeat mistakes that are being made today. Be the change you wish to see. 

R.I.P Troy Davis

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