This was something I wrote when I was bored an unemployed. Reading it back, its actually not too bad.


It was raining. The November sky had turned from radiant blue to a sultry gray within twenty four hours. The fall winds began to dance and play with the water drops that had began to depart from the sky. Big drops of water continued to fall down the window pane of the coffee shop; a shop frequented by young couples, entrepreneurs who made their own hours, assistants fighting their way through the morning rush and teens looking for a place to hang out after school. The idea of coffee seemed imperative to those who lived and worked in the city. The shop was packed, and warm. Many people had come to seek solace from the rain. A young woman sat near the window in the red, wool trench coat. She had long, honey brown hair, slightly frizzled due to the moisture from the rain. Her skin was the color of coffee, with two sugars and milk mixed in.The bottom of her denim, skinny jeans were wet. She had on black Chuck Taylors, which were wet as well. Her face looked sullen, as she started into the rain outside of her window. The expression on her face soft, but sad. Her body motionless. A few minutes passed before she finally moved. With a sweeping glance, she looked at her blackberry. The time was 3:48 p.m., no missed calls, no text messages, no bbm's. She began to look out the window again. The frown lines on her face deepened, her forehead began to wrinkle. Her big, brown eyes began to glisten like the rain drops that stared back at her in the window. She glanced down at her phone again, 3:49 p.m. The young woman closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened them, she grabbed her cell phone, and put it in her purse. She stood up and began to make her way to the exit when a man walked through the door. 

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