Track is wack?

Now dont get me wrong, I love the sport of track and field. I don't know what I would do if I couldnt hurdle or jump. There is some kind of internal drive inside of me that forces me to keep at this. No matter how much I hate running, or the time it takes I still want to be on the track. I dont know why but thats just me. There is no one else pushing me to do this but myself. Im not on scholly, I didnt do this cuz I had friends doing it, It was my own personal decision to attempt (and succeed) in joining a D-1 collegiate track and field team. BUT sometimes i feel like its hindering my LIFE! its so frustrating when everyone is out doing something fun and I cant indulge because I am a student athlete. I mean I guess being a athlete helps keep me in check, but sometimes I just want to be me. In high school, i would dress up everyday to school and now you will most likely catch me in some track tights, a sweatshirt, and the same Nike blazers...everyday. Anyways, I can whine and complain all day, but at the end of the day I know where I'll end up..at practice, leaving everything on the track. Lets hope i haven't used all this effort in vain...ill be awaiting those last couple weeks of school where there is no more track so I can let out my true STreeT_dIVa persona =]

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