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I recently came across this blog written by a bunch of seemingly educated, witty and enlightened black men. They had some interesting articles, and this one in particular caught my eye.

5 Things Men Say (and do) When We’re Just Running Game

Original article found here.

1. “I’m not ready for a relationship right now”
"It’s game because, we’ll, we’re not idiots. We know exactly what we’re doing, exactly how horny you are, and exactly what your expectations were entering the night. But, because she’s already thisclose to “go”, saying “I’m not ready for a commitment” at that moment allows a guy to do commitment type stuff (read: sex) while always having an “Hey, I told you I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship” out whenever she presses him for an actual commitment."

2. “You’re nobody to me”
"Although most men won’t actually come out and tell a woman he’s interested in that he thinks she doesn’t matter, “You’re nobody to me” game occurs when a guy treats a beautiful woman as persona non-grata for absolutely no reason. If he sees her with a group of her girlfriends, he’ll speak to and hug each of them except her. She tells a joke, he mimics a cricket. And, not only does he pretend to not know her name ahead of time, he doesn’t even remember it after she tells him...
This is game because, well, savvy men know that attractive women are used to men paying attention to them. And, even though they might be attracted to that woman, they know that ignoring her can reverse the seduction script. 

3. “You can be intimidating”
While it’s true that a very small percentage of women are intimidating to a very small percentage of men, it’s game because well, men don’t talk to women who intimidate them. Why? Because they’re intimidated, duh....Also, if she replies “What’s so intimidating about me?”, she’s now given him carte blanche to run off a list of each of her perceived faults right in front of her face. Think about that for a minute. She basically tells himHey, I’m not even sure if I’m interested in you yet, but go right ahead and tell me everything you think is f*cked up about meAlso, if you say that I’m “frigid and stiff”, I’ll make sure to show you exactly how loose I can be in the back of your Tahoe later tonight

4. “A woman like you is out of my league”
His faux self-deprecation becomes an intoxicant, putting her under a spell of hownormalcanimakemyselfseemjust so he’ll give her a chance.

5. “I don’t know. I’ll try to fit you in, but I’m just really busy with a few projects right now”

He’s getting his grind on, and he wishes he could make more time for you, but for now the Wendy’s drive thru and those 15 minutes in his parking lot will do. And, you’re ok with this because he’s a busy man, and it makes you feel even better that this important man is making any time in his busy schedule for you.
It’s game because no man on Earth has ever been that busy. Sh*t, even God had time to hit the strip club the night after he created troutBut, the super busy man knows nothing dries panties quicker than the thought of a needy man, so he gives the impression that he’s the complete antithesis
My Thoughts:
I loovvvvveeed this article! I have stated previously that I can appreciate good game, and don't mind being gamed up. Maybe it's the kid in me that allows a slight level of immaturity to pervade my psyche. But besides all that, the article was on point and ladies you know this is all true. The funniest and most delicious part about this article is that, if we are truthful with ourselves ladies, most of the time we know that these statements are part of a guys game..we just choose to ignore it. haha

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