why do we listen to the music we do?

In class today we were discussing music...what is it exactly, what kind of music do we listen to and why do we choose to listen to the types of music we listen to? And it got me thinking, why do I listen to some of the stuff I listen to? In psychology there are studies done where troubled kids watch nurturing programs longer than normal kids, because its an element of life that is missing for them? I wonder if thats the same with music, do I listen to R&B to satisfy the hopeless romantic in me? But then why would I wanna listen to songs like 'No Hands' by Waka Flocka or even Tip Drill by Nelly. Maybe it has something to do with escape. Music can help you escape to another place or enable you to embody another kind of personality. B.M.F. by Rick Ross can bring out the "goon" in you, just like Unthinkable by Alicia Keys can bring out the "simp" in you. Music can take you to an alternate world. Or possibly better articulate the thoughts and feelings going inside your own head. Maybe thats it, maybe we listen to what we do because we take it to heart and feel comforted by the fact that there are other people who feel and experience the same exact things we feel and experience. Maybe it's all of these reasons. Just a random thought.

All i know is
Music makes me high

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