So this year, i decided I wanted to do big things and do black friday in SF. I gotta say that I was a little disappointed. Most of my finds came from H&M. Urban Outfitters line was TOO long, and I couldnt find anything I wanted enough, worth standing in line for. Forever 21 didnt have any deals that were out of the ordinary.

My favorite buy was this faux fur hat for 5 bucks...my fam wasn't feeling it....but I love it!!

I wanted to bring the Canon to document the craziness, but i concluded that it would take away from my shopping experience. You can't play on Black Friday.


  1. man I wish I could of gone but in Canada there were no good sale..! Nice hat for 5 bucks thats a steal..!

  2. i kno right, and I almost didnt buy it!


Any thoughts?