"life is too short"
Its amazing how easily we forget the value of life. We have been given a gift, the most precious gift we could be given: life. Most of us go through each day with memories of the past, an agenda for the day, and plans for the future. But the future is not promised, this life is not promised. Sometimes, its weird, its like we know what we need to do but often postpone doing it. I don't know why bad things happen to good people and others manage to escape hardships and accidents without so much as a scratch. Each year, as I get older, I realize such is life, and its not always fair. My heart breaks every time someone I care about is a victim of this thing we call life. I guess it can be a blessing and a curse. We all can continue to reiterate how much we should spend time with loved ones, how much we should live life to the fullest, etc...but it doesnt mean anything unless we actually do it. The best and the worst part about this "life" is that it doesn't stop, for anyone. We cant pause, rewind, or fast forward. All we can say or do is attempt to live in the now, love God and those around me and hope that time really does heal. My love goes out to those I hold dear to my heart.

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