songs that never get old.

"Where I Wanna Be- Donell Jones
" when you love someone, you just don't treat them bad"

"I just need time to see where I wanna be"

How you Gonna Act Like That- Tyrese
"how you gonna act like we dont be makin love"
"The sun is somewhere shinin even when it rains"

Houstonlantavegas- Drake
"never satisfied with a nice calm evening"
"She knows there's more to life, and shes scared of ending up alone"

You- Goapele + Dwele
"all that i ask of you is to stay past the pain for the pleasure"
"you see right through me"

Melt My Heart to Stone- Adele
"without me knowing, you've burnt my heart stone"
"i best tidy up my head, im the only one in love"

Stingy- Ginuwine
"no joking you got me right where you want me to be"
"wanna keep you all to me, im selfish why try to fight it."

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