all of the lights

By now, we have pretty much all seen the "ALL OF THE LIGHTS" video and all its epic-ness (if you havent, the video is below =]). I'll admit, the first time i watched it, I wasnt that impressed, granted I didnt watch it completely from beginning to end. But I thought it was cool, just not amazing. However, upon taking a closer looking and watching the video again, I was slightly more impressed. The video is pretty dope, but I think that is partially because the song is so amazing. Sometimes, music videos make you appreciate a song more, but in this case I think the song makes us like the video more.
But wait a minute, hold up now... word on the street is that the concept for the video is not original...although it doesnt change how cool the video is, it still takes away from its "amazingness"...you can see for yourself both videos below...you be the judge.

but foreal foreal...#c'monson!

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