an ode to love.

         I gotta tell you somethin' thats been eating me up inside. I have been wanting to tell you for awhile, but every time I try, I loose my nerve. So here goes... I am in love with the idea of you, love. Love, just the thought of you seems to hold so must power, so much reign. People will wait an eternity just to hear your name, especially today. "those three little words" olivejuice  try again. I love you. And when I say love, I'm talking about that breath-taking, all-encompassing, unconditional kinda love. All that romantic stuff that some how, some way lures you to become fully engulfed in it's presence. Im writing this letter with high hopes that it will someday find you, because I have never met you before.  But, I'm the type to never say never so I guess there's a slight chance I may have brushed pass you on a crowded street or exchanged a few witty remarks with you, but I didn't know it. (if thats the case, please forgive me) When we finally do meet, I know its gonna be great.
"A life without love is like a year without summer"
I will be patiently awaiting my favorite season.
Je t'aime l'amour. ♥


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