the age old question..men and women...

Can they be just friends?...For me, I think the answer is yes, but as with any relationship, you have to know your limits. I was reading another post on Nakedwithsockson, which discussed the question "Can Your Boyfriend Go On Dates With Other Women?" LOL the way it is described in the post seems pretty harmless...but I think I would want my man to be at least a lil jealous if I was going on dinner and movie dates with iggas he didn't know, but within reason...I mean, I need my space lol...and I think I would feel a slight twinge of jealousy if I knew my man was going out with other females I didnt know. I guess relationships are always a compromise which include a lot of give and take...but I guess I wouldnt know nothin bout that cuz in the infamous words of Talib Kweli "I've never been in love before" lol =P


ohhh L'AMOUR


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