Act like a lady, think like a man?

Hmmmmm, There may be some truth to this

This is the title of of book written by Steve Harvey


Chapter Titles include:

"What Drives Men"
"Our Love Isn't like Your Love"
"'We Need to Talk', and the other words that make men run for cover"
"First Things First: He Wants to Sleep With You"
"Why Men Cheat"
"Men Respect Standards-- Get Some"
"Strong, Independent,-- and Lonely-- Women"
"How to Get the Ring"

A couple quotes

(on men)"...And one simple thing is true about each of us: we are very simple people and all basically think in a similar way"

"I'm going to tell you the secrets--the real deal about men, the things we wish you knew about us, but that we really don't want you to know, lest we lose the game"

HMMMMMM....lol I must say I am intrigued...whether this book has really good advice or will just provide a good laugh I dont know, but maybe this book is worth reading. I don't wanna seem like those girls that need to read a book on how to "catch a man", lol but i might just check it out ;]

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