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The remake of the 1980 movie FAME is set to come out on Sept. 25...and I for one, am NOT really excited for its release. I'm the type of person that likes to see the original of somethin before I see the remake.
Here are some clips from the original

So I watch the original and I love it..its nitty and gritty and has all the qualities that make me love musicals and plays. It deals with real issues and and although the movie is pretty long, it caught my attention the whole way. However, the remake....seems like its bout to be some kind Disney, kiddy, BS. How are going to remake the anger and mischief or Leroy, or the attitude of COCO. I mean, the original FAME, which was originally titled "Hot Lunch" was rated R. This ish is bout to be rated PG! LMAO SHEESH...I suppose I can't really criticize a movie I havent seen. Maybe the producers of the remake will be able to capture the spirit of FAME in a way that everyone can enjoy...although I seriously doubt it.

Here is the trailer for the new FAME

and apparently there was a TV show as well

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