VOGUE goes black

So Italian Vogue has a website geared toward black models....pretty cool

I mean I guess one hand, you can argue that they shouldnt have to have a website for black models, they should already be incorporated in the magazine etc etc, however
i mean I think its just like how there are black themed dorms and programs geared towards blacks because they are historically mis- and under represented people.

The makers of the site defend the site by saying
“Finally, two years on from the publication of A Black Issue, surrounded by Eastern European models, we ask ourselves: how long will it take before we see more black beauties on the runway? As summarized by Afrobella in her blog, they deserve their own spotlight.”

I'm actually not that mad at it. If you've ever flipped through a Vogue magazine which is like a million pages btw, theres like maybe only one black model featured.

And they have the spotlight on a Nigerian Model !!!!

Tolula Adeyemi


gotta love my fellow naijas! =]

You can look at the website HERE.

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