so you ask why men cheat

you also gotta consider why women even decide to eff with these men.

These women give reasons as to why they would rather date married men as opposed to single men. via NecoleBitchie

Woman #1
They exude confidence usually when they are married. No one in here can say that they don’t like the fact that someone else is in a relationship because it makes it more of a challenge to get them. It’s like a competition. It’s exciting.

It’s not like I’m attached to him. He’s married so when he takes me out it’ll probably be alot better because he’s going to try to make it more fun with me than his wife because he’s probably bored at home. [Single men] are boring. I dated a single man for a week and I left because it’s like I had no challenge there. <==sheeesh lol

Woman #2
Dating a married man is a good thing because it shows that they know how to commit. If he can make THE commitment, I think it’s a little bit more attractive. It’s a great quality and in the end I’m looking for a guy that can make a commitment.<--- lol ok now this one realy dnt make sense...

anyways just a thought...it takes two

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