sucks to be a black woman


sheesh, I just read an article on Cluth Magazine about how much it sucks to be a black woman nowadays.

"Between the effects of “Precious” and “Good Hair” alone, half of America must think most black women need to be locked up in padded cells, or at least taken in for psychiatric evaluation."

"Black women have been complaining about a lack of mates since we first saw this continent, but now that producers of nightly news shows have discovered our suffering they need to help. On one show, producers scoured the nation to find a location with the most attractive black women they could find with the sorriest love stories they could tell — Atlanta. Then to help them out, they put them in a room and asked Steve Harvey to give them advice. That’s thoughtful, but who puts a bunch of desperate women who want a hot man in a room with Steve Harvey?"

"Many are so invested in the charming image of the black woman as a down-trodden soul that our social issues have been projected at a huge scale in the news to ironically keep us small."

"When we come out on top, possibly smiling down on the jokers, I wonder — will their misrepresentations still be so amusing?"

those were just some interesting quotes from the article. IDK ive never really thought about how much it sucks for me, but I've always known that black women were at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to the socio-economic ladder of America. But, i think the author of the article is right, we will persevere and we will come out on top...i know i will! =]

you can read the whole article HERE

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