tough cookies

Life is wild out here...the past few months have been so turbulent, physically and mentally...so much so that right about now, im at a point of exhaustion. But probably the biggest lesson I have learned through everything is to have faith. its the easiest thing you can do for yourself and the hardest thing to keep up with. Have faith in God, have faith in yourself, have faith in your family and have faith in your friends. Its kinda like the church scene in Daddys Little Girls.
 Life is gonna throw some things at you that are gonna make you fall down, and make you stay down, to make you give up. But you cant give up. Thats the hard part, you have to have faith that better days will come.  Anyways, just thought I'd put some personal insight on here. I mean it is MY blog! =] 

 so forgive but never forget. Try to live life with no regrets. 

Stay up everyone...thats what I'm tryna do.

Peace + Love. 

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