So many people have this thing called a Bucket List, which entails a list of things they wanna do before they die. I have something of the sort inside my head but sometimes its good to write things down. So here goes, in no particular order

  •  Dive off of a diving board into the deep end
    • see heres the dilemma, i can swim, like I've taken an umpteenth amount of swimming lessons and had my fair share of summer camp experiences in lagoons and water parks, but for some reason I'm just so terrified that when i dive in the deep end, im going to drown =/ lol
  • Fall in love.
    • now I know it sounds cliche and all, but im being for real...as a lil chocolate girl who grew up around people who didnt look like her, love used to seem like it was something that was un-attainable
    • and not just any kind of love either ( you kno cuz theres unrequited love and who would want that?! lol) but the kind the is mutual and comes with a deep respect and joy just for being able to know that other person. The kind that fills your heart till you think its about to burst
  • Go backstage at a concert
    • Its funny because out of all the concerts I been to (Kanye, Trey-Jay-Jeezy, Young Money, Mya, Wale, Day 26), i have had to pay for NONE of them..thanks to all the beautiful people I  have in my life. So seeing as I've seen a pretty good array of stars, I wanna take it to that next step and meet them in person!
  • Hit on a guy
    • Now anyone who knows me, knows that im really shy, specially when it comes to the opposite sex. But i wonder how life would be like if I was the aggressive type, lol just a thought.
  • Be a guest on a television show
    • Like oprah or 106& park lol I know those are too extremes but I mean just the general sense of being a show and enjoying it live.
  • Have a small role on a soap
    • this seems really silly, but i just think it would be cool if i could have a role, i mean soap operas have crazy story lines, My character could last only like 3 days....maybe a more realistic goal is to be an extra lol
  • Have my own "Hangover experience
    • lol now as I stated before, if you kno me, you kno i can be shy, but if really know me, like if  you really eff wit me, you know i love to have a good time...its almost arguable that im the wildest one out my roomies, but anyways, I wanna just have that crazy 3 day weekend that had a bunch of crazy stuff happen and a bunch of good things happen too and everything turns out ok and you come home with tan lines, phone numbers, videos, 1000 pics and stories to tell for days lol...idk i'm  kinda weird in a way that i like chaos...i have a poster in my room that hits the nail on the head "craziness is heaven" <3
There's a whollllleeee lot more but I figure I can make this a reoccuring feature on my blog..so stay tuned =] 

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