New new new


Drake ft Young Jeezy- Unforgettable

I'm really feelin this song, and the "let me know" beat in the background

Trey Songz- Yo Side of the Bed new Video
This video wasnt what i expected but it was really good, real sweet..heartbreaking even.

Luda ft Trey - Sex Room...the song and video are just ok...lol thing with the girls is kinda dumb lol

The Statement- Wiz Khalifa- cool cool, i love contrast and the switch from color to black and white..and wiz is lowkey easy on the eyes lol


Deuces- Tyga and Chris Brown- this song is tyte, and i love black and white vids
"so i flip that middle finger and that index finger follow"

Rihanna- Rockstar 101 - at first when i was watching this video , I was like wtf is this lol but after a bit , i started feelin it, brings out the bada** in us all lol and like i said before, I <3 black and white videos =]

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