i simply remember my favorite things and then i dont feel...sooo badd!

1. Favorite hobby ===>EATING!! and then shopping, and then boys, and o yea track and field lol i didnt really mean that last part..track isnt just a hobby, like most ppl choose to believe, its pretty much my life =] 
2. Favorite tv show? A Different World "Homie Don't Play That"- Whitley Gilbert

3. Favorite restaurant food? sheesh this a toughie, hmmm ima go with crab cakes with fried shrimp, or BJ's pizza being runner up =]

4. Favorite thing to shop for? Hmm...also a toughie..ima say dresses...you can never have too many! =D

5. Favorite animal? cheetah bebe...catch one if u can ;]

6. Favorite song? Its quite impossible to pick just one favorite, especially my favorites change all the time. But lets see, maybe top 5 to 10..IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER
  • Love Will Be Right Here -SWV
  • Things Your Man Wont Do- Joe
  • I May Never Find- Chris Brown
  • Where I Wanna Be- Donnel Jones
  • Incomplete- Sisqo
  • So Beautiful- Musiq
  • Ima just say TREY SONZ..
  • How You Gonna Act like that- Tyrese
  • Melt My Heart to Stone- Adele
  • Stingy- Ginuwine
  • Obviously you can see the heavy R&B influence here haha
  • Ok and spaceship Kanye West
  • There's more but i cant think of em

7. Favorite word?
8. Recent favorite youtube video? sheesh lol idk but i remember everyone thought this vid was hilarious when I was a kid

9. Favorite movie?
Antwon Fisher, catch a fire, crooklyn

10. Favorite childhood memory?
altogether too many to choose from. I had a great childhood thanks to my parents who i love soooo much! i remember we would always dance around the house, act silly, my dad would read to me b4 i went to bed, my mom would always teach me news songs, and help me with stuff, i modeled as a kid..so many..im like peter pan man ...i neva wanna grow up, wish i could b a kid forever!

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