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Its a new year, and many like to think its time for a "new you". People make a whole bunch of New Year's resolutions that describe the kind of changes they will make for themselves during the new year. People want to loose weight, be more assertive, go on a diet, etc etc. Some people feel like just because the date changed from dec 31 2009 to jan 1 2010, things are going to change. But, quite literally, only one day has passed. Now don't get me wrong, the beginning of a new year is an exciting time. Its a time of celebration, you just made it through another year of life! But maybe the 2009 you wasnt so bad. Instead of trying to make personality changes and turning your image upside down, you should build on the person that you already are. Bottom line is, if you really want to make a change in your life, you shouldn't have to wait until the new year to do so.

But hey, I'm no pessimistic. Im usually a glass half full person. =] So, its OK to use the beginning of a new year to realize that maybe if you changed a few things in life, you could be a happier and better person. I just wanna be sexy, be smart, and love life in 2010!

I hope this year is bigger and better than the last.


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