I can finally breathe! Happy New Year! again

Yesterday I was soo exhausted after spending almost 24 hours in transit from Abuja, Nigeria to San Francisco. Did I mention I was hungry starving as well! lol But, I'm back now and I feels great to be home. I suppose I missed out on about a month of life in the States, the xmass craziness, and the NYE celebrations but I figure the time I spent in Nigeria was worth it. It's nice to know where you come from and have the immediate feeling of belonging right when you step into the country. Despite that foolish boy that disgraced our country by trying to bomb a plane, I really and truly do love being NIGERIAN! <3

(as I said before in the previous post, pictures and details about my trip coming soon ;))

Anyways, a couple things I saw from 2009 that I wanted to post include:

On to the Next One Video

" I got a million ways to get em..choose one."

Oh Chanel, why must you be so bomb?


Ok OK 2009, its been real. This year has been a lot of fun, and I think I have really changed as a person...for the better! =]

Hello 2010, I've been waiting for you!

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