I found this piece about BET's most beautiful women, excuse me, baddest chicks of the decade quite entertaining. You can find the original piece here.

It's January 1st, Not April 1st
Bet just released their list of the top 10 Baddest Chicks of the Decade, and this has got to be a joke!

1. Alicia Keys - Easy on the eyes and soft on the ears, Alicia Keys has become one of the sexiest artists this decade. Her natural beauty and talent surpass your favorite R&B songstress in a single heart beat.

2. Cassie - Gracing just about every Sean John ad throughout the country, Cassie’s measurements are always the topic of discussion during any “Who’s The Baddest Female” barbershop conversation. A solid singer at best, Cassie’s the total package.

3 . Jennifer Lopez - Before Diddy needed a girl, he had one of the baddest women in the industry. J.Lo’s seductive frame, intriguing brown eyes and caramel complexion would melt the toughest of men

4. Nicole Scherzinger - Lead Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger is the industry’s silent killer. A structure every female dreams about, this Hawaiian/Filipino/Russian beauty leaves no room for improvement on any level. She’s flawless!

5. Aaliyah - Aaliyah’s presence was breathtaking. Her signature strand of hair that covered her left eye drove men crazy and her voice was captivating. Heaven can now experience what we were blessed with for 22 years.

6. Beyoncé - Jay wasn’t lying when he claimed he had the baddest chick in the game wearing his chain. A triple threat, Beyoncé is every man’s sweet dream. Deemed Billboard’s Top Female Artist of the Decade, Beyoncé is cut from a cloth that can’t be duplicated.

7. Nicki Minaj - A rookie among the bunch, this Queens native turned heads quickly starting in 2008. Minaj’s trademark assets are incomparable. Who says Barbies weren’t sex symbols?

8. Rihanna - This timid Barbadian princess has grown into an international Queen. The heart of a lion and the body of a goddess, Rihanna’s beauty will make your eyes water. Her revamped image had the boys begging for more.

9. Mariah Carey - A legend on so many levels, Mariah Carey’s stock has remained top notch since the first day she stepped foot in the game. Her bouncy hair and light brown complexion only heightened her flawless smile and gratifying figure. There isn't a man on earth who wouldn't want to touch her body.

10. Claudette Ortiz - Caramel complexion, body like heaven. Nine years after City High's hit single, "Caramel," flooded the airwaves, men are still raving about lead singer Claudette Ortiz. Now out of the limelight, the 28-year-old is still as gorgeous as ever.

Of course, Alicia Keys is one of the baddest; Considering that her hair is real, she might actually be #1. But what about the rest of the list? Obviously they didn't factor success into this selection process! And how did Nicki Minaj get on the list and she just came out in 2009?!? sidebar: why are all of the chicks lightskinned? SMH... BET, You have GOT to do better in 2010


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