Black is where its at =]

My new fave read is a web magazine for Black Women called Clutch.


This magazine seems to be a sophisticated, well put together magazine which has eye-catching, interesting articles geared toward the young black women of today. Basically its pretty cool! =]

Notable Articles from the most current issue include:

-The "It" Girl => this article is about how black women seem to be "in" for once. It goes on to discuss the lack of positive images of black women in the media and the perceived "shortage" of eligible black men.

"While Lucas very eloquently iterates her frustrations with the white constructed “Black Man Shortage” narrative, I don’t see what we have to gain from hiding from this reality....Many black women and men ask why we are still talking about this. To them I answer, because it continues to be a dire circumstance with no trace of getting any better."

"....black folks have to hold themselves to a higher standard. We don’t have time for games."

"We need more black men teaching black young men the importance in loving black women."

"After all, Americans have a short attention span, being the “it” girl won’t last forever."

- Did You Really Just Say That? Listen to Yourself! <== this one discusses the stereotypes about Africans like

-"Everybody Speaks African"
- "Everyone Lives in a Jungle
-"Africa is All about Poverty"

among many others

Anyways, the magazine is pretty cooool...read and discusssss =]]

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