bday wishlist

Seeing as how my birthday is quickly approaching, (12 more day, approx 1.5 weeks =]) I figure I should make a wishlist.
  • Nice camera..I'll take anything I can get
  • Tickets to see Wicked, #littleknownfact=> I love musicals/plays but I've never seen a real one =[
  • Some more Melody Ehsani pieces..kinda fallen in love with this one.

  • Drop 5 stacks on that makeup bag....lol ok maybe not 5 stacks but my makeup collection seriously needs to be re-vamped. Some Mac makeup would b nice, lipsticks and eyeshadows specifically, and Diorshow mascara =]
  • TLC with my friends and family =]
Thats really about it, I believe. Honestly, although I would love everything on this list, I would be content with just having a fun filled day with my friends and fam, whatever the activity may be.
As Drake would say "I love my team"


#goodtimes =]

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