So I been slackin on these movies postings....not the watching of the movies, but the posting about em. So Ima try and get caught up.

  • House Party 3- This movie was aight. The original House Party was the best of course. But this was def better than House Party 4! haha and I kinda forgot what happened in House Party 2 =/

  • Love Come Down- This movie was...interesting, but idk I didnt really like it. It's about these brothers, one black and one white. They got the same mom, different dads. Basically the movie is more or less about them overcoming their vices. I like Larenz Tate but the movie was a little unrealistic, and a little predictable for me.
  • This movie was good! I'm always up for a good thriller! I dont really want to give the movie away, but its about this crazy guy who goes around looking for families with single moms to terrorize. I would recommend you rent it from the nearest $1 vending machine thingy!

  • This was a good movie as well, it was a little hard to get into ...for me anyways. But I liked how they set the whole movie up, again, dnt wanna give anything away but its a good movie. Dont watch unless you are ready to pay attention tho.
  • I'm probably on the few people that hasnt gotten into this Twilight craze, so I finally decided to check it out. The movie was really intriguing I must say, but I understand why everyone is so crazy bout it,...cuz the whole thing is craziness! I mean the girl meets this guy and falls madly in love with him and the whole thing is just wild and bananas..but i mean it did leave me wanting to watch the second movies, so I guess it was good enough hah
More movie stuff cominggg soon!

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