lovin Solange

I officially have a girl crush on Solange! I know everyone loves Beyonce, but I think Solange is gorgeous. I feel like we are so much alike! She recently did an interview with Refinery29 that can be found here.

When asked why she's not involved with her fam's clothing business House of Dereon, she replied "I initially was involved as the spokesperson, but the clothes just didn't reflect my personal style and I decided to hand that over. " Lol glad to hear it. I don't know but the more I read and see about her, the more she grows on me. I'm seriously about to go listen to her music RIGHT NOW. 

There is one thing I dont like about her though. She says she over R&B and I am an R&B girl to the core. Anyways I think she is one to look out for. 

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