the trials and tribulations of black hair

Since it is summer time, pool parties are pretty much a must.

 Not even to swim, but just to kick back, enjoy yourself, and hopefully score some free food and drink! Now as a black female, who is currently wearing her own hair, I actually vowed to stay away from the water. Unfortunately I have friends (of the opposite sex) that wont allow you to stay out of the pool...Needless to say I got thrown in. But being the good sport I was, I stayed in the pool..not to mention it was a zillion degrees outside! I had a good time...but i had to pay the price...DUN DUN DUN..had to fix my own hurrr...boys dnt realize how much work it is!

Yes, there were worse pics and no I will not post em.
o yea, my hair is relaaxxed =]

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