Oh the things that social networks allow us to do

SMH at http://secrettweet.com/

For those familiar with Twitter, Secret Tweet .com allows people to post tweets anonymously about anything that their hearts desire.

This twitter page is wild..this site encourages people to let out their secrets to the world...Tweets from 'secret tweet include tweets like:

"I have sex with my neighbour every week. Her husband doesn't know. Neither does my wife."
"naked, eating an eggplant and peanut butter sandwich, while watching top chef on itunes. I love my life. (and my wife by my side)"
"My 22nd birthday is next week. The only thing I wish for is to find a friend."
"My husband & I recently separated. My sister just told me he invited her to his new place. Both of us are way out of his league. Jerk"

...it even gets pretty sick..like literally
"When my dad learned his best friend had molested me when I was a child, he worked on strengthening their friendship"

Im not sure this type of behavior is very healthy lol...but if you are interested in reading people's innermost secrets, visit the website or follow them on twitter lol smh!

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