i <3 Dwayne Wayne!!

There is no TV character that I loved more than DWAYNE WAYNE, played by Kadeem Hardison on the television show "A Different World" (my fave show by the way! =]) which aired in the late 80s and early 90s. Yes, I was like 5 years old when the show was popular but I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the seasons on Oxygen, Nick at Night and Noggin! Dwayne had it all, he was hella smart, perfect score on his math SAT's, he was a nerd and yet all the girls liked him and he got the one girl he wanted all along. He went from annoying nerd to class act realll quick. He had the womanizer best friend to get him into trouble all the time, and them cute lil flip up glasses and that NY twang...just couldnt help myself! If I was 15 years older I woulda wanted to give Whitley a run for her moooolahhhhh!

A Different World was orignally a spin off from the Cosby Show for Denise who was supposed to be in college, but her role only lasted on season. The show was better without her. I mean the Dwayne and Whitley dynamic was bananas! When I was in high school, I wished my college life would be just like A Different World....hahahaha oh well, a girl can dream!Anyways like I said, I love Dwayne Wayne. But Kadeem Hardison now...not so hott

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