Where are my African designers at??


We have got to do better! I mean when I first saw this picture, I thought hmmm, maybe Fergie decided she was in an Afrocentric mood that morning. But, I come to find out that this is an actual clothing line?! Now, I am not gonna diss the line, the clothes are cute and the designs are original. But, i think any Nigerian person would agree, better yet, any African person would agree that these pieces favor the prints and designs of our native wear. I mean, I feel kind of exploited in a sense. I dont understand why some African person couldnt have come up with this idea and made BEAUCOUP BUCKS off Americans to buy the clothing that people in Africa are wearing on a daily basis..sheeesh! No disrespect to Maya Lake, the owner of the company who makes these clothes, or her vision for her clothing line. SMH...sighhh just a little "h-annoye-ed"(dont't jealous me =]), just giving random rich "priveliged" people access to be all afrocentric all willy nilly haha...anyways, If you wanna pay an arm and a leg for some cute African clothes, you can go to this website boxingkitten.com


Added note: As a young Nigerian girl, I have taken it upon myself to create some clothes that celebrate Nigerian culture. 

you can purchase tops and sweatshirts with this logo at designsbyofunne.bigcartel.com! =]

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