I love David Silver...but Brian Green the rapper?!

So, im watching the Beverly Hills 90210 episodes that I had Tivo-ed and I just lovvvvve David Silver! Hes like the lil white boy with a lil bit of soul on the show! So i look him up and find out that the actor, Brian Austin Green, who used to play Davis Silver actually tried to be rapper and posed for playgirl...Photobucket
..hmmm a lil sketchyyy. lmao i still like the character all the same =]

i see an episode with Color Me Baddd..inspiring the throwback summer joint of the day..."ooooooh i wanna sex you up!" haha
I couldnt find a video but here is a live performance

their other hits include "I ador mi amor" <3 lovely.
david silver and 3/4 of CMB..reppin for white boys wit soul everywhere!

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