Aston Martin Music- Rick Ross ft Christette Michelle and Drake

I actually lovveeee this song! The video was cool too, I think I have said before how I love that whole Rick Ross feel of being in the car with my man "listening to As ton Mar tin music, music"
The only thing I didnt like about this video was that in the beginning, the little dark nappy headed girl is hella negative towards child Rick Ross and the lil mixed cutie with curly hair  is supportive and tells him he can do anything. I'm not tryna look too much into it, but those little things do have the potential to affect people's perceptions....#imjustsayin.

Whip my hair- Willow Smith
I love this video! I think Willow Smith is adorable. And I am also glad that the song reaches such a large audience, its not just for little kids. The Smith family is just bananas!

Black and Yellow- Wiz Khalifa
I kept hearing about this song, but I didnt listen to it until today. The song is cool, and Wiz looks pretty cute with the fro. He is just so damn skinny!

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