Rest in Peace

"We do not want you to be unaware, brothers and sisters, about those who have fallen asleep, so that you may not grieve like the rest, who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose, so too will God, through Jesus, bring with him those who have fallen asleep"

Death is a funny thing. Maybe funny isn't the right word. Ironic maybe. The concept of death is so final, yet its only really final when it happens to you. After someone close to you dies, you wanna stop too. You want everything to stop, but everything keeps going and life goes on. Death, to me, is one of the scariest things. Ever since I was a kid, its been something I have feared. But, as I grow older I realize that through sorrow and grief, its important to learn from the person that has passed and celebrate their life. No matter what you beliefs are, LOVE is a universal thing that everyone feels. Showing love to those around you is essential in times of need. It amazes me how those who really care about you can really come through and show their love for you in ways you have never felt before. They say that people are not really dead unless you forget about them. So remember,  life is short, so LOVE hard and try and live life with no regrets. Don't let times of distress be the thing to bring you close to your loved ones. 

R.I.P Aunty Augusta ♥
We love and miss you.

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